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(Know a band weirder than these people? Clue us in!)

If you’re in a weird band, know a weird band, or just feel like spamming us with your crappy press releases, email us at Or better yet, post a link here to the band’s website or YouTube videos so our whole community of weirdness connoisseurs can judge. Fun!

YouTube links or embeds welcome, and you can use a fake email address to post a comment…we just force you to take that extra step because it helps slow down the spambots. (Thanks for your patience, Just remember that email addresses are not posted to the site and a fake email address means we can’t contact you to let you know if we post one of your suggestions (although we forget to do that half the time, anyway).

  1. You should check out Acid Mothers Temple. They put out a record about every 3 months and have been for years. Check the Aquarius Records site for a ton of info on them.


    zany Milwaukee math rock

  3. An Albatross

  4. Kevin Blechdom

  5. Eat the turnbuckle. prowrestlingcore band that literally beats the shit out of each other on stage.

  6. Evan Oscherwitz

    Howard Jones

    Maybe you can blame this one on the 80s, which were a weird decade, but Howard Jones may well have contributed to the weirdness. One of the first new wave and synth pop artists to have breakout success, jones was well known for his unusual rhythm and vocals… and the fact that he looks like a straight up clown. Live shows seem to count on this website, and Jones’ live shows were pretty fucking out there. There exists no firm evidence that Jones is actually insane, but I can take a hint. Perhaps we can make it two clowns in a row for weird band of the week?

  7. CocoRosie is a folk freak band made up of two lovely bearded ladies.

  8. Instrumental indie-rock band from La Crosse, WI.

  9. Freakmetal from Spain. The translation of this anthem is ” I’ll f#@~k your ass”:

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