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(Know a band weirder than these people? Clue us in!)

If you’re in a weird band, know a weird band, or just feel like spamming us with your crappy press releases, email us at Or better yet, post a link here to the band’s website or YouTube videos so our whole community of weirdness connoisseurs can judge. Fun!

YouTube links or embeds welcome, and you can use a fake email address to post a comment…we just force you to take that extra step because it helps slow down the spambots. (Thanks for your patience, Just remember that email addresses are not posted to the site and a fake email address means we can’t contact you to let you know if we post one of your suggestions (although we forget to do that half the time, anyway).

  1. Animal Collective!
    Freaking love this band, odd how many on this list I already like…

  2. Vivian Stanshall and the Bonzo Dog Band

  3. Miracle Beard: Daniel Johnston meets Ween in Beck’s basement.

  4. This guy is…I don’t know what to make of him. Like Wesley Willis trying to be Frank Zappa or something.

  5. one of the most craziest live acts in The Netherlands: Het Brein Dat Kwam Uit De Ruimte (the brain that came from outer space) always a certain kind of chaos on stage and in the audience.

    more info see website or for english:

  6. Suicidal Rap Orgy

  7. Lawrence Wells and Our Bear to Cross–‘Nstrumental

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