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  1. hanatarash. Noise artist whose aim is to hurt you.

  2. Zombie hunter punk for the masses and free downloadable discography for the poor.
    Italy has been infected and Cavaverman is the only cure.
    Meet the fellowship: Sal, a cowboy priest from hell (vocals, guitars & Garand M1), Apocalypse Giò, a resurrected mexican wrestler (bass & wrestling) and Doktor Hell, a mad butcher specialized in surgery (drums & drill).
    To prevent the virus listen to their anti-zombie punk antidote message or you will be lost forevaaaaaaaaa!!!!….

  3. Gooo is a slimy duo of vocals, noisy electronics and percussion based in Portland, OR.

    “The band’s new cassette, Globular Clusterfuck, has the feeling of trying to fight through a wall of flubber, with wobbly synth-based rhythms boinging against real drums…”
    -Robert Ham (The Portland Mercury)

  4. Jillian Sutton

    Brian Dewan: a multidisciplinary musician and artist who’s music spans from folk, to rock, and electronic. He performs solo and collaborates with countless other artists and who’s career spans over thirty years. Very importantly, he’s weird!

    “Unidentified Flying Objects” by le Mur du Son feat Brian Dewan

    “Rumplestiltskin” with Jusian Koster:

  5. The cheese ! It stands alone.

    from the same publisher as pryapisme, . About as crazy ad them.

  6. Klown performs the Kiss classic SHE

  7. KLOWN….KISS tribute band form in 2002
    Have released a live CD.
    More info, video, audio @

  8. We are Time Crashers from ∞! We are anachronists and believe in breaking all the laws of physics! Fuck the Timecops! – Tesla

  9. Scion of Weirdness

    You want weird. Try SSION. there’s a lot more where this came from.

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