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  1. The Saturday Night Glad Rags

  2. Guri de Uruguaiana

  3. Massacration

    Detonator & Musas do Metal

  4. Comitiva do Rock

    O Metaleiro

  5. I just saw this and thought about you. Their bad taste is amazing. I don´t know what they want with it. Holokrauts is their name.

  6. I’m suprised you haven’t done hanatarash
    the frontman, eye (who is now in the boredoms) drove a backhoe through the wall of a venue, cut a dead cat in half onstage, nearly cut his leg off during one of his sets with a circular saw strapped to his back, and had to be stopped from throwing a lit molotov onstage.

  7. Comedy Heavy Metal Rock Brasil Bands:

    Massacration ––X8

    Detonator & Musas do Metal –

    Mamonas Assassinas –

  8. that time when Napalm Death were on kids TV:

  9. More Polish goodness: MISTER D.

  10. Behold, Carnival in Coal. They range from extreme metal to disco, and, well, just check out the song names from this album:

  11. I’d like to bring a band called Tlot Tlot to your attention. They were a weird pop band from Australia, similar to They Might Be Giants, active between 1986 and 1996. They used guitars and a CD player with backing tracks.

    http:.// – their Wikipedia entry – their debut album – excerpt of one of their gigs

  12. SiouxsieSuitcase

    Delia Derbyshire:

    The Space Lady:

    Eliane Radigue:

    Anne Gillis:

    Astrid Monroe:

    Zoviet France:

    Kas Product:

    Daisy Chainsaw:

    Suburban Lawns:

    Doris Norton:

    Clock DVA:

    Edward Ka-Spel:

    Die Form:

    La Femme (not really that weird in comparison to the others, but they’re still really good):

    White Ring:

  13. The 10th album of PORNOSTROIKA DADAIFI, 3 years after their last job.

    With influences from Dadacore, scifi and class war.

    It also contains set to music in Proudhon, Brecht and Balzac.

  14. sean derrick cooper marquardt ( the fear of flying)

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