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  1. Deep Turtle, from Finland.
    This album is called “There´´s a vomit sprinkler in my live river”.
    Been trying to get my fingers on that gem for a long time,

  2. Ghost….where is Ghost?

    I could keep going, but have some fun and look them up (as: Ghost Band or Ghost BC) and enjoy the wierd story they…one interesting rumor is that David Grohl has sat in as a nameless ghoul before (on drums)

  3. Allow me to recommend Wood Bois and their new EP Sex Playlist

  4. Tall Jenny – Eight Seconds (Left on Earth)

  5. Sgt. Robbie Robertson

    Let’s Go Commando! are a band of beer and burger crazy Action Men, In this visualization watch the plucky chaps destroy a couple of ice cream vans and some dog shit! Eh Oh Eh Oh! Eh Oh Eh Oh!

    LGC are believed to be a renegade special operations unit who have mutinied against conformity.

    Latest intelligence reports confirm LGC are whistle-blowers not just on but on all sorts of 21st century dramas.

    They are highly experienced, both on dangerous covert missions behind enemy lines and in the salon.

    Eh Oh Eh Oh!
    Eh Oh Eh Oh!

  6. french band from the 80’s

  7. jim jop dip dop

  8. jim jop dip dop

  9. jim jop dip dop

  10. Where is Ween in the top 100? -The Stallion Part 1
    “I am the stallion mang” -Mister Would You Please Help My Pony
    “I think his lung’s fucked up”

  11. This is my band double swayze- this is a heart cover

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