The Weird 100

The top 100 bands we’ve blogged about on TWBITW, ranked according to their page views over the past three months.


Anklepants, humble farmhand turned international electronic superstar (Photo by Dina Schweiger)

After several brushes with the top of the Weird 100, Aussie electro-weirdo Anklepants finally lands at No. 1 on the Weird 100 chart. Our congratulations to the man behind the mask, Dr. Reecard Farché, for this well-deserved honor. We hope he’ll be celebrating tonight by getting his nose wet.

Elsewhere around the Weird 100: Cool ghouls The Rhythm Coffin score the month’s highest chart debut, coming in at No. 42; robot rockers Compressorhead crack the top 20; and UFO-obsessed metallers Skull and Bones are the biggest chart jumpers, rising 25 places to No. 51.

For a complete alphabetical list of every band we’ve ever blogged about (261 and counting), go here.

Updated monthly(ish). Last update:  July 27, 2014. Previous rank listed in (parentheses). Former No. 1s noted with an asterisk. New entries in boldface.

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  1. Anklepants– the prosthetic penis-nose is the least weird part of it (2)
  2. Stalaggh/Gulaggh– sweet serenades by (and for?) the clinically insane (4)
  3. Mayhem* – murder, suicide, flying pig’s heads; just another day on the Norwegian black metal scene (3)
  4. Rammstein* – du bist im Weirdland! (1)
  5. Babymetal– everything’s cuter in Japan…even death metal (5)
  6. Max Normal* – and you thought Die Antwoord was weird (7)
  7. Butthole Surfers– naked dancers, flaming cymbals and Gibbytronix (9)
  8. GG Allin– putting the danger (and the bodily fluids) back into punk rock (8)
  9. Cattle Decapitation– taking on the meat industry, one gory death metal anthem at a time (10)
  10. Winny Puhh– how do you say “weird” in Estonian (6)
  11. Donatan– throw your damn hands up for Polish pagan folk-hop (12)
  12. Impaled Northern Moonforest– the world’s first (and still greatest) acoustic black metal band (19)
  13. Igorrr* – breakcore + classical + death metal + ambient = WTFF? (13)
  14. The Gerogerigegege– like an S&M Japanese GG Allin, only grosser (15)
  15. Whitehouse– the inventors of “power electronics”…no, not the kind you find at Best Buy (17)
  16. Hatebeak– spiking the bird seed with an extra dose of weird sauce (11)
  17. The KLF– what do Tammy Wynette, Dr. Who, acid house and wanton destruction of legal tender have in common? (16)
  18. M△S▴C△RA (Mascara)*– weird even by witch house standards (18)
  19. Compressorhead– putting the “metal” in heavy metal (32)
  20. TISM– This Is Seriously weird, Mum (20)
  21. Army of Gay Unicorns– totally gay for your ear holes…and they like it rough (22)
  22. Die Antwoord* – straight outta Cape Town (26)
  23. Prussian Blue– the world’s most adorable white supremacist folk duo (25)
  24. Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp– Japan’s funkiest crustacean-inspired trance/noise/jam band (27)
  25. Crash Worship– neo-tribal/industrial/extreme audience participation insanity (24)
  26. Parliament-Funkadelic– we want the weird; give up the weird! (21)
  27. Melt Banana– sick zip everyweird! (38)
  28. Here Come the Mummies* – making music even funkier than the smell of their rotting flesh (52)
  29. Rick K. & The Allnighters– this drummer is at the wrong gig (34)
  30. Attila– Billy Joel does proto-metal…nuff said (23)
  31. Mr. Bungle– confusing the shit out of metal fans since 1991 (30)
  32. Dir En Grey– Japan’s favorite metal band can beat up your favorite metal band (29)
  33. Cromagnon– weird even by 1969 standards (33)
  34. Professor Elemental vs. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer– fear of a chap planet (37)
  35. Little Big– with Russia, from weird (35)
  36. Primus– sailing the seas of weird (36)
  37. Igor Krutogolov’s Toy Orchestra– instruments for children; music for grownups (14)
  38. Metalachi– a mariachi metal band? only in L.A. (39)
  39. Free Chow– don’t touch kids, you don’t know where they’ve been (56)
  40. Pryapisme– a French prog-metal soundtrack to the 8-bit Catpocalypse (45)
  41. Naked City– the early ‘90s’ weirdest jazz/spazz/punk/thrash/surf/country/cartoon/avant-garde/noise quintet (41)
  42. The Rhythm Coffin – who’s ready for some cockroach coffee? (NEW)
  43. Aesthetic Meat Front– sewing instruments into their skin since 1996 (48)
  44. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu– the new princess of J-pop is cuter than Katy Perry, weirder than Lady Gaga (43)
  45. Tiny Tim– tiptoe through the weirdness (46)
  46. Death Grips – the world’s most extreme hip-hop group began and ended on their terms (NEW)
  47. The Von Deer Skulls – France’s leading skull-themed animal doom rock band (NEW)
  48. The Residents– hey, who took my giant eyeball mask? (49)
  49. Cardiacs– weird even by ’80s standards (59)
  50. Toxic Chicken– cranking out lobit anthems on his craptop (31)
  51. Skull and Bones– UFOs, conspiracy theories and bad metal from Brazil (76)
  52. Panther– you don’t want your nails done, motherfucker? (70)
  53. Nina Hagen– NunSexWeirdRock (58)
  54. Baboon Torture Division– the guy in the Ronald McDonald costume is the least weird part of it (51)
  55. The Shaggs– the unwitting godmothers of outsider music (75)
  56. Tool– this just in: Maynard James Keenan is a weird dude (53)
  57. Sun Ra– space is the place (84)
  58. The Wet Spots– Canadians can make anything seem adorable…even taking it in the butt (47)
  59. Dick4Dick– something weird is happening in Poland (44)
  60. Meshugga Beach Party – getting sand in their prayer shawls since 2003 (NEW)
  61. Univore– I shouldn’t be driving this car! (54)
  62. Einstürzende Neubauten– Germans + power tools = the most industrial industrial band ever (63)
  63. Ghedalia Tazartes– a French nutjob with an accordion and a loop pedal (67)
  64. Rancid Penguin Molestation– the only thing weirder than pornogrind is fake pornogrind (57)
  65. Trippple Nippples– weirrrd electro-pppop from Japppan (71)
  66. a.P.A.t.T.– Liverpudlian lunatics…also, we just like saying “Liverpudlian” (62)
  67. Little Women– Louisa May Alcott would not approve (73)
  68. Sun O)))– what if a bunch of druids started a drone metal band? (61)
  69. Laibach– Eins, zwei, drei, weird (68)
  70. Tonttu – saving the world from the gnome menace (NEW)
  71. Todd Tamanend Clark– Western Pennsylvania’s leading garage-psych-prog-rock Native American synthesizer guru (60)
  72. Dirty Sanchez– trannies, Italian satanists and trashy electro-pop (64)
  73. Nurse With Wound– chance weirding on a dissecting table (66)
  74. Author and Punisher– welcome, my son, to the Drone Machines (94)
  75. Iwrestledabearonce– weird even by grindcore standards (77)
  76. Super Geek League– Seattle’s best sci-fi punk circus (96)
  77. Throbbing Gristle– the tranny lead singer is the least weird part of it (82)
  78. The Vegetable Orchestra– it’s amazing what you can produce with produce (78)
  79. The Locust– and now for a little powerviolence (69)
  80. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band– fast and bulbous, also weird (80)
  81. Caninus– grindcore that’s off the chain…literally (55)
  82. Foot Village– L.A.’s leading “drum ‘n’ shout” assembly (98)
  83. Beatallica– yes, even cover bands can be weird (83)
  84. Computer Jesus Refrigerator– they call it “tonk honky”; we call it glitch-tastic (72)
  85. Vocal Trash– Stompmeets Glee in Texas, weirdness ensues (79)
  86. Dread Zeppelin– Elvis + Led Zeppelin + reggae = mercy! (88)
  87. Laki Lan* – funky bugs from Poland (42)
  88. Shibusashirazu Orchestra– free jazz + butoh dancers = WTF? (81)
  89. Insane Clown Posse* – fucking weirdos, how do they work? (74)
  90. Räuberhöhle– tattooed German punk rock chick does J-pop…weirdness ensures (91)
  91. Bum Sick– seriously weird shit…emphasis on “shit” (50)
  92. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum– sledgehammer dulcimers and Unabomber lyrics (86)
  93. Caroliner– Bay Area freaks with a thing for blacklight paint, noise, bluegrass, and 19th century livestock mythology (65)
  94. Gout Pony– trampcore, straight outta Ipswich (100)
  95. The Ass Orbiters– making fun of cripples and drunks since 2011 (92)
  96. Dvar– the giant demon-bee told them to do it (90)
  97. Magma– how do you say “weird” in Kobaïan? (93)
  98. Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha – Tuvan throat singing + classic rock = weird (NEW)
  99. Loutallica (Lou Reed + Metallica) – weird is the table! (re-entry)
  100. FCKN BSTRDS – crzy xprmntl snds frm th Nthrlnds (40)
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  1. Nocturnal Neurosis is fucking insane. Highly unknown band.

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