The Weird 100

The top 100 bands we’ve blogged about on TWBITW, ranked according to their page views over the past three months.

You people just can't get enough Norwegian black metal, can you?

Still No. 1, still hate your guts

For the second straight month, black metal progenitors Mayhem top our Weird 100 chart, which must mean anticipation is running high for their new album, Esoteric Warfare, due out next month. Either that, or a whole lot of are doing Google searches combining the terms “black metal” and “severed pig’s head.”

Elsewhere around the Weird 100: Japanese noise pervs The Gerogerigegege crack the top 10 for the first time, Israeli punk-klezmer kids Igor Krutogolov’s Toy Orchestra score the month’s highest chart debut at No. 26, and fecal punk/metal scumbags Bumsick rocket up 38 places to No. 58, proving once again that one it comes to weird music, nothing sells like scatology.

For a complete alphabetical list of every band we’ve ever blogged about (249 and counting), go here.

Updated monthly(ish). Last update:  April 19, 2014. Previous rank listed in (parentheses). Former No. 1′s noted with an asterisk. New entries in boldface.

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1. Mayhem* – murder, suicide, flying pig’s heads; just another day on the Norwegian black metal scene (1)

2. Rammstein* – du bist im Weirdland! (3)

3. Stalaggh/Gulaggh – sweet serenades by (and for?) the clinically insane (2)

4. Babymetal – everything’s cuter in Japan…even death metal (4)

5. Hatebeak – spiking the bird seed with an extra dose of weird sauce (5)

6. Winny Puhh – how do you say “weird” in Estonian (8)

7. GG Allin – putting the danger (and the bodily fluids) back into punk rock (7)

8. Max Normal* – and you thought Die Antwoord was weird (9)

9. Igorrr* – breakcore + classical + death metal + ambient = WTFF? (11)

10. The Gerogerigegege – like an S&M Japanese GG Allin, only grosser (12)

11. Laki Lan* – funky bugs from Poland (6)

12. Donatan – throw your damn hands up for Polish pagan folk-hop (10)

13. The KLF – what do Tammy Wynette, Dr. Who, acid house and wanton destruction of legal tender have in common? (26)

14. Whitehouse – the inventors of “power electronics”…no, not the kind you find at Best Buy (13)

15. Butthole Surfers – naked dancers, flaming cymbals and Gibbytronix (20)

16. Attila – Billy Joel does proto-metal…nuff said (16)

17. Crash Worship – neo-tribal/industrial/extreme audience participation insanity (14)

18. Army of Gay Unicorns – totally gay for your ear holes…and they like it rough (17)

19. TISM – This Is Seriously weird, Mum (15)

20. M△S▴C△RA (Mascara)* – weird even by witch house standards (18)

21. Parliament-Funkadelic – we want the weird; give up the weird! (19)

22. Univore – I shouldn’t be driving this car! (25)

23. Prussian Blue – the world’s most adorable white supremacist folk duo (22)

24. Little Big – with Russia, from weird (40)

25. The Wet Spots – Canadians can make anything seem adorable…even taking it in the butt (24)

26. Igor Krutogolov’s Toy Orchestra – instruments for children; music for grownups (NEW)

27. Dir En Grey – Japan’s favorite metal band can beat up your favorite metal band (27)

28. Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp – Japan’s funkiest crustacean-inspired trance/noise/jam band (31)

29. Dick4Dick – something weird is happening in Poland (23)

30. Impaled Northern Moonforest – the world’s first (and still greatest) acoustic black metal band (29)

31. Primus – sailing the seas of weird (21)

32. Anklepants – the prosthetic penis-nose is the least weird part of it (36)

33. Professor Elemental vs. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer – fear of a chap planet (37)

34. Die Antwoord* – straight outta Cape Town (32)

35. Mr. Bungle – confusing the shit out of metal fans since 1991 (33)

36. Cattle Decapitation – taking on the meat industry, one gory death metal anthem at a time (28)

37. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – the new princess of J-pop is cuter than Katy Perry, weirder than Lady Gaga (34)

38. Rick K. & The Allnighters – this drummer is at the wrong gig (30)

39. Gout Pony – trampcore, straight outta Ipswich (46)

40. Cromagnon – weird even by 1969 standards (38)

41. Todd Tamanend Clark – Western Pennsylvania’s leading garage-psych-prog-rock Native American synthesizer guru (42)

42. Well Worn Boot – white-trash blues-rock flute jams from Upstate New York (NEW)

43. Pryapisme – a French prog-metal soundtrack to the 8-bit Catpocalypse (35)

44. A Band of Orcs – Dungeons, Dragon & Death Metal (53)

45. Tiny Tim – tiptoe through the weirdness (43)

46. Metalachi – a mariachi metal band? only in L.A. (39)

47. a.P.A.t.T. – Liverpudlian lunatics…also, we just like saying “Liverpudlian” (41)

48. Naked City – the early ‘90s’ weirdest jazz/spazz/punk/thrash/surf/country/cartoon/avant-garde/noise quintet (52)

49. Aesthetic Meat Front – sewing instruments into their skin since 1996 (47)

50. Sun O))) – what if a bunch of druids started a drone metal band? (50)

51. Baboon Torture Division – the guy in the Ronald McDonald costume is the least weird part of it (48)

52. Tool – this just in: Maynard James Keenan is a weird dude (56)

53. HGich.T – Germany’s leading cheesy techno performance art collective (54)

54. Caninus – grindcore that’s off the chain…literally (60)

55. The Residents – hey, who took my giant eyeball mask? (59)

56. The Monks – tonsures, tom toms and feedback in ‘60s Germany (65)

57. Rancid Penguin Molestation – the only thing weirder than pornogrind is fake pornogrind (57)

58. Bum Sick – seriously weird shit…emphasis on “shit” (96)

59. Author and Punisher – welcome, my son, to the Drone Machines (44)

60. Nina Hagen – NunSexWeirdRock (55)

61. FCKN BSTRDS – crzy xprmntl snds frm th Nthrlnds (NEW)

62. Le1f – gay hip-hop just got weird (71)

63. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott would not approve (58)

64. Amplifly Aerial Band – that Top 40 cover band at your last corporate retreat meets Cirque du Soleil (66)

65. Nurse With Wound – chance weirding on a dissecting table (62)

66. Ghedalia Tazartes – a French nutjob with an accordion and a loop pedal (68)

67. Here Come the Mummies* – making music even funkier than the smell of their rotting flesh (76)

68. Iwrestledabearonce – weird even by grindcore standards (51)

69. Dirty Sanchez – trannies, Italian satanists and trashy electro-pop (61)

70. Computer Jesus Refrigerator – they call it “tonk honky”; we call it glitch-tastic (69)

71. Cardiacs – weird even by ’80s standards (63)

72. Compressorhead – putting the “metal” in heavy metal (84)

73. Laibach – Eins, zwei, drei, weird (70)

74. Insane Clown Posse* – fucking weirdos, how do they work? (67)

75. Trippple Nippples – weirrrd electro-pppop from Japppan (64)

76. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – sledgehammer dulcimers and Unabomber lyrics (75)

77. That 1 Guy – playing his Magic Pipe in public since the ’90s (92)

78. The Vegetable Orchestra – it’s amazing what you can produce with produce (83)

79. The Locust – and now for a little powerviolence (86)

80. Einstürzende Neubauten – Germans + power tools = the most industrial industrial band ever (72)

81. Vocal TrashStomp meets Glee in Texas, weirdness ensues (100)

82. Dvar – the giant demon-bee told them to do it (74)

83. Klaus Nomi – because pop music needs more androgynous, operatic counter-tenors (90)

84. Skull and Bones – UFOs, conspiracy theories and bad metal from Brazil (re-entry)

85. Throbbing Gristle – the tranny lead singer is the least weird part of it (80)

86. Shibusashirazu Orchestra – free jazz + butoh dancers = WTF? (77)

87. Räuberhöhle – tattooed German punk rock chick does J-pop…weirdness ensures (78)

88. Imperial Stars – the funniest Lonely Island parody ever…oh, wait, it’s real? are you sure? (95)

89. The Moog Cookbook – vintage synths are weird (re-entry)

90. Beatallica – yes, even cover bands can be weird (81)

91. The Tiger Lillies – the original Brechtian punk cabaret trio (87)

92. Dwarr – lo-fi, Jesus-y stoner metal from South Carolina…need we say more? (91)

93. The Shaggs – the unwitting godmothers of outsider music (88)

94. Lightning Bolt – taking noise-rock to some weird, masked extremes (82)

95. Haunted Garage – the original punk-rock horror-movie circus freak show (79)

96. Dread Zeppelin – Elvis + Led Zeppelin + reggae = mercy! (73)

97. Magma – how do you say “weird” in Kobaïan? (93)

98. The Ass Orbiters – making fun of cripples and drunks since 2011 (89)

99. Bob Log III – he wants your weird on his leg (98)

100 (tie). Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – fast and bulbous, also weird (85)

100 (tie). Moondog – the Viking of 6th Avenue was weird even by New York standards (94)

100 (tie). Sparks – hello young weirdos (97)

100 (tie). Caroliner – Bay Area freaks with a thing for blacklight paint, noise, bluegrass, and 19th century livestock mythology (96)


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  1. Doctor Octagon was a pretty weird album. Definitely weirder than some of your top 100.

  2. I think you’d like to check out Semargl. They started out as a Black Metal band, but progressively changed into a Dance Pop act.

  3. no sopor aeternus?

  4. Maybe Necrosadik from Mexico?

  5. I’m surprised I didn’t see Sendai Kamotsu.
    Also, if you think Maynard is weird in Tool, he gets even more strange in his other band, Puscifer.

  6. Where is nick cave??? Ik he’s old, but he’s a classic and actually a very talanted guy In addition to being a huge weirdo. Though I will admit, it’s more about the music. Actually seems like a pretty nice dude from his interviews

  7. Thanks to post this content and information. Its a nice stuff and list.

  8. nice stuff and great list. But what the *&%$* makes Rammstein a weird band ??? They are simply very very commercially exploiting right winged sentiments. Nope I am not saying they are Nazis or even supporters of right ideologies. But they are cheap enough tpo jump the bandwaggon and a lot of their fans are. Other than that their lyrics are mostly very very simplistic brutal and not really clever or cheeky. Never understood why people would think so. But hey, at least you need to understand German to get the crudeness and plain unsesnitivity of the lyrics. There ain’t much subtility or tongue-in-cheek about them and to state that their act is ironic would be almost comparable to saying that racism and militarism in general is a good humoured joke and nothing serious. The only weirdness that applies here is this blatant sale-out to a public that loves the miltary white hegemonial show of (in combination with a pyrotechnical event). Really love your site, but this must be the greatest misser.

    • I think we have plenty of entries more questionable than Rammstein, both in terms of weirdness and dubious political ideologies. Have you checked out The Ass Orbiters?

  9. Where the fuck is Carnival in Coal ?

  10. Weird – imelik.

  11. also, these guys

    and, of course

    ^ supposedly the sounds from the above were mostly recorded in the hallways of a mental institution for the criminally insane

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