The Weird 100

The top 100 bands we’ve blogged about on TWBITW, ranked according to their page views over the past three months.


While we were gone, the lunatics took over the asylum that is TWBITW

Okay, fine, you’re right: We suck. We haven’t updated this list in for-fucking-ever. But let’s put the past behind us and focus on the future, when we’ll probably, maybe, possibly update it more often. I mean, no promises or anything. Let’s not go crazy here.

Speaking of crazy: While we were gone, the band that rose to the top of the Weird 100 was Stalaggh/Gulaggh, the abstract noise project featuring actual insane asylum inmates. They’re also probably the most nihilistic band on the entire list, so clearly our prolonged absence was seriously bumming you people out. We’re sorry, okay? Let’s all go out for ice cream and hug it out or something.

For a complete alphabetical list of every band we’ve ever blogged about (276 and counting), go here.

Updated monthly(ish). Last update: July 20, 2015. Previous rank listed in (parentheses). Former No. 1s noted with an asterisk. New entries in boldface.

  1. Stalaggh/Gulaggh* – sweet serenades by (and for?) the clinically insane (2)
  2. Rockbitch– the world’s raunchiest all-female, neo-pagan, pro-sex rock show (7)
  3. Mayhem* – murder, suicide, flying pig’s heads; just another day on the Norwegian black metal scene (3)
  4. Mac Sabbath*– the inventors of “drive thru metal” (1)
  5. Anklepants* – the prosthetic penis-nose is the least weird part of it (4)
  6. Tartar Control – two nice Mormon boys, a robot, and some raging punk rock (NEW)
  7. Butthole Surfers– naked dancers, flaming cymbals and Gibbytronix (8)
  8. Max Normal* – and you thought Die Antwoord was weird (6)
  9. Babymetal– everything’s cuter in Japan…even death metal (9)
  10. Sparks– hello young weirdos (30)
  11. GG Allin– putting the danger (and the bodily fluids) back into punk rock (5)
  12. Little Big– with Russia, from weird (11)
  13. Igorrr* – breakcore + classical + death metal + ambient = WTFF? (18)
  14. The Gerogerigegege– like an S&M Japanese GG Allin, only grosser (15)
  15. The KLF– what do Tammy Wynette, Dr. Who, acid house and wanton destruction of legal tender have in common? (17)
  16. Cattle Decapitation– taking on the meat industry, one gory death metal anthem at a time (24)
  17. Jan Terri– Chicago’s reigning queen of frozen-in-the-‘80s outsider pop-rock (12)
  18. Whitehouse– the inventors of “power electronics”…no, not the kind you find at Best Buy (19)
  19. Rammstein* – du bist im Weirdland! (10)
  20. Attila– Billy Joel does proto-metal…nuff said (14)
  21. Winny Puhh– how do you say “weird” in Estonian (27)
  22. Sopor Æternus and the Ensemble of Shadows– the Gothiest music project ever (13)
  23. Primus– sailing the seas of weird (36)
  24. Impaled Northern Moonforest– the world’s first (and still greatest) acoustic black metal band (21)
  25. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu– the new princess of J-pop is cuter than Katy Perry, weirder than Lady Gaga (20)
  26. Die Antwoord* – straight outta Cape Town (35)
  27. Army of Gay Unicorns– totally gay for your ear holes…and they like it rough (26)
  28. Crash Worship– neo-tribal/industrial/extreme audience participation insanity (32)
  29. TISM– This Is Seriously weird, Mum (31)
  30. M△S▴C△RA (Mascara)*– weird even by witch house standards (28)
  31. Here Come the Mummies* – making music even funkier than the smell of their rotting flesh (29)
  32. Mr. Bungle– confusing the shit out of metal fans since 1991 (38)
  33. Tiny Tim– tiptoe through the weirdness (47)
  34. Hatebeak– spiking the bird seed with an extra dose of weird sauce (58)
  35. Cromagnon– weird even by 1969 standards (40)
  36. Nina Hagen– NunSexWeirdRock (46)
  37. Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp– Japan’s funkiest crustacean-inspired trance/noise/jam band (33)
  38. Metalachi– a mariachi metal band? only in L.A. (51)
  39. Cardiacs– weird even by ’80s standards (54)
  40. Naked City– the early ‘90s’ weirdest jazz/spazz/punk/thrash/surf/country/cartoon/avant-garde/noise quintet (45)
  41. BiS Kaiden– Japanese idol pop meets extreme noise rock…weirdness ensues (23)
  42. Rick K. & The Allnighters– this drummer is at the wrong gig (34)
  43. Aesthetic Meat Front– sewing instruments into their skin since 1996 (42)
  44. Prussian Blue– the world’s most adorable white supremacist folk duo (37)
  45. Nurse With Wound– chance weirding on a dissecting table (50)
  46. Compressorhead– putting the “metal” in heavy metal (52)
  47. Aphex Twin– intelligent weird music (44)
  48. Professor Elemental vs. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer– fear of a chap planet (48)
  49. Reynols – chicken symphonies and dematerialized CDs (NEW)
  50. Donatan– throw your damn hands up for Polish pagan folk-hop (39)
  51. Imperial Stars– the funniest Lonely Island parody ever…oh, wait, it’s real? are you sure? (22)
  52. Dir En Grey– Japan’s favorite metal band can beat up your favorite metal band (49)
  53. Sir Ivan – all we are saying is give weird a chance (re-entry)
  54. Panther– you don’t want your nails done, motherfucker? (re-entry)
  55. The Residents– hey, who took my giant eyeball mask? (67)
  56. Rancid Penguin Molestation– the only thing weirder than pornogrind is fake pornogrind (56)
  57. Bloody Death Skull– the cutest songs you’ll ever hear about dead Mormons and prostitutes (43)
  58. Melt Banana– sick zip everyweird! (74)
  59. Einstürzende Neubauten– Germans + power tools = the most industrial industrial band ever (72)
  60. Pryapisme– a French prog-metal soundtrack to the 8-bit Catpocalypse (41)
  61. Santa Hates You– but he loves dark electro German graver anthems (90)
  62. The Locust– and now for a little powerviolence (91)
  63. Shibboleth– creeping cannibal doom-rock from Ireland (16)
  64. Shibusashirazu Orchestra– free jazz + butoh dancers = WTF? (53)
  65. Ghedalia Tazartes– a French nutjob with an accordion and a loop pedal (71)
  66. Otto von Schirach– breakcore’s number-one weirdo…which is saying a lot (98)
  67. a.P.A.t.T.– Liverpudlian lunatics…also, we just like saying “Liverpudlian” (65)
  68. Baboon Torture Division– the guy in the Ronald McDonald costume is the least weird part of it (60)
  69. Dick4Dick– something weird is happening in Poland (57)
  70. Sun O)))– what if a bunch of druids started a drone metal band? (66)
  71. The Shaggs– the unwitting godmothers of outsider music (86)
  72. Tool– this just in: Maynard James Keenan is a weird dude (73)
  73. Throbbing Gristle– 20 weird funk greats (75)
  74. Little Women– Louisa May Alcott would not approve (69)
  75. Computer Jesus Refrigerator– they call it “tonk honky”; we call it glitch-tastic (70)
  76. Death Grips– the world’s most extreme hip-hop group began and ended (and then began again) on their terms (61)
  77. Brokencyde– behold, the douchecore kids (97)
  78. Dread Zeppelin– Elvis + Led Zeppelin + reggae = mercy! (64)
  79. Buckethead – the world’s weirdest guitar god/nunchuck dancer/Viggo Mortensen collaborator (97)
  80. Danielson – God loves you, even if you’re weird (re-entry)
  81. Iwrestledabearonce– weird even by grindcore standards (59)
  82. Nozinja – the godfather of Shangaan electro (NEW)
  83. Todd Tamanend Clark– Western Pennsylvania’s leading garage-psych-prog-rock Native American synthesizer guru (68)
  84. Loutallica (Lou Reed + Metallica)– weird is the table! (78)
  85. The White Mice– escaped from the lab and wreaking noise-rock mayhem (100)
  86. Meshugga Beach Party– getting sand in their prayer shawls since 2003 (63)
  87. Space Alien Donald– the world’s oldest gay Canadian rapper is keeping Arizona weird (25)
  88. Univore– I shouldn’t be driving this car! (76)
  89. Trippple Nippples– weirrrd electro-pppop from Japppan (81)
  90. Vocal Trash– Stomp meets Gleein Texas, weirdness ensues (95)
  91. Rosemary’s Billygoat– do they make you horny? (55)
  92. The County Medical Examiners – the world’s most anatomically precise goregrind band (re-entry)
  93. Laibach– Eins, zwei, drei, weird (93)
  94. Lightning Bolt– taking noise-rock to some weird, masked extremes (re-entry)
  95. Renaldo and the Loaf– songs for swinging weirdos (85)
  96. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum– sledgehammer dulcimers and Unabomber lyrics (88)
  97. Bum Sick– seriously weird shit…emphasis on “shit” (83)
  98. The Misfits – happy Weirdoween, punks! (re-entry)
  99. Insane Clown Posse* – fucking weirdos, how do they work? (87)
  100. Dwarr– lo-fi stoner metal from South Carolina…need we say more? (94)
  1. I borrowed some music from your list as well as some things not on your list to compile 23 of the Weirdest Songs You Will Ever Hear:

  2. fantastic, makes for amusing reading and picked up some good bands and facts along the way. btw, has anyone here heard of jean louis costes. he wld qualify too

  3. Gustafi! Croatian folk rock band. It’s not weird to the core, but nonetheless check them out.

  4. How about Boss Lard? fucking mental and it’s free!

  5. What about Caprice from russia?

  6. Where the fuck are the Residents? How about the Tiger Lillies, Esquivel, the Shaggs, Diamanda Galas? Check out some prime weird. The Residents have been anonymously putting out a voluminous supply of bizzare and brilliant tunage since the early 70’s. Primus covers several Residents tunes and Renaldo and the Loaf have a entire album collaboration with them. They really should be on this list.

  7. Weirdest Song: by Psyberdelic

  8. Hey I recognize some of these! Deathgrip, Melt Banana, The Locust, Die Antwoord and… Kyari Pamyu Pamyu ahaha! Yeah her music videos are definitely weird :P Though I’m surprised Dir En Grey made it to the list! And loved reading those tidbits of description… couldn’t stop laughing at your description of “Dick4Dick” and “Bum Sick” ahaha

    This is some good stuff man. Haven’t laughed this hard in a while. A thumbs up to you compadre! ;)

  9. octabites;sticker liver =is my suggestion

  10. I would suggest a worthy addition – Sun City Girls. They made some really bizarre stuff, while being comical. Some of their songs have gibberish blabbering as their lyrics. (this one does not, however)

  11. ed starlet wilson

    Check out a band called Little Trophy, there’s not much stuff about but if you like Cardiacs & Mr Bungle

  12. How does Rammstein make this list, but Foetus does not?

  13. Check out ‘Furfriend’

  14. Nocturnal Neurosis is fucking insane. Highly unknown band.

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