10 home decor tips to make your home look modern

One of the daunting challenges that homeowners grapple with is how to make their interior spaces look elegant, especially when their budget is tight. In case you find yourself in this situation, worry no more, because there are plenty of choices that you can apply to make your home look amazing. Keep reading to discover great interior design tips for making your home look like a millionaire.

Crown molding 

Crown molding is one of the decorating procedures that you can perform to give your interior spaces an elegant touch. Through its amazing details, the style has a way of making your room appear complete because it uniformly connects the walls and the ceiling. Rooms without this kind of finishing touches seem ordinary or incomplete.

The good thing about crown molding is that there are inexpensive options that you can buy even when you’re on a shoestring budget. If you want amazing results, go for the broadest trim and use all types of molding.


Painting is one of the necessary procedures that can transform your home and make it look fantastic. Specific colors can deliver striking and moving results. For instance, you can choose either bold or soft hues that add beauty to your rooms directly.

Throw cushions

Pillows perform two roles: adds elegance to your room and offer your visitors some extra bliss while relaxing in your home. The best throw away pillows are large enough and have at least 22 inches with 22-inch inserts.

Window treatments

Homes whose windows are untreated look incomplete and inexpensive. The best thing about window treatments is that you have multiple budget-friendly options that you can apply to make your rooms look great. The best materials for glamorous window treatments include natural fabric, cotton, and linen. You can also use bamboo shades if you’re not a fan of draperies.

Hardware Finishes

Hardware finishes can also add glamour to your room. The market is awash with multiple drawer pieces. However, not all of them can add elegance to your hardware, as most of them look cheap. With some additional cash, and without breaking your bank account, you can go for the best pieces of knobs and pulls that can add beauty to your rooms.

Select your lighting keenly

The standard lighting that most contractors apply doesn’t add any elegance to your internal home spaces. You need to go for designer illumination fixtures that can add glamour to your rooms. You can go for high-quality lighting fixtures without breaking your bank account. Try to shop around in the flea market and find the best lighting you require.

Hardwood is the best

Hardwood floors exude a classic appearance that adds to the beauty of your rooms. The material lasts for long, and it’s cost-effective in the long run. If you’re working with a leaner budget though, you can go for laminate.

Accessorize You Rooms

Many homeowners think that the application of accessories in their homes in unnecessary and may eat into their lean budget. However, when you opt not to accessorize your rooms, you make them look cheap and ordinary. You can apply many approaches to accessorize your spaces even when working with a tight budget. For instance, think of gold and how it can add a deep feeling to your area when you apply it to your picture frames.

Go for the best furniture

The type of furniture you’ve and how you arrange it in your rooms can make your interior spaces look fantastic. Shop around for the best quality furniture pieces even when your budget is tight.


One of the most inexpensive methods to make your home look great is to ensure that you clean it thoroughly. Cleaning and decluttering is free and can create your space look wow.


Making your room look modern doesn’t need to break your bank account. The above tips can assist you in creating a modern-looking room, even when working with a shoestring budget.


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