‘1923’: Helen Mirren recalls calling Kelly Reilly a ‘star’ when they worked together decades ago

Helen Mirren is one of the latest actresses to join the taylor sheridan universe for him yellow stone prequel 1923. Mirren plays Clara Dutton, a distant relative of Kelly Reilly. yellow stone beth character. Although Mirren and Reilly won’t be working together on the same Sheridan-verse show, they filmed a TV series together early in Reilly’s acting career.

Helen Mirren | Robin L. Marshall/FilmMagic

Helen Mirren and Kelly Reilly worked together on the set of ‘Prime Suspects’

Kelly Reilly is a British actor. with decades of experience. One of her first roles was a two-episode stint as Polly Henry in season 4 of the drama series. main suspects. Reilly, now 45, was just a teenager at the time. Mirren also appeared in main suspects as DCI Jane Tennison, and Reilly was a bit dazzled.

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