Previously on Lost


I thought the first two seasons of Lost were pretty brilliant, but they started, well, losing me around season three. It was like the writers got bored with the whole “stranded on a mysterious desert island” plotline and just gave up. Oh, by the way, guys…there’s a suburban subdivision on this island! With book clubs and broadcast television! Who knew?

Clearly, however, the guys in Previously on Lost remain as fervently dedicated to the show now as the day it started. It takes some serious dedication to write a 2-3 minute pop song summarizing the action of every single episode of your favorite TV show. Even if it is, y’know, your favorite TV show.

Adam Schatz and Jeff Curtin, the weirdoes behind Previously on Lost, call their music “recap rock.” Each song plays out like a mini-opera, with lots of rapidfire lyrics, start-stop rhythms, and quirky instrumental touches–they’re particularly fond of marimbas and ukuleles, befitting the tropical vibe of their source material. (Also kazoos: they also call their sound “a maritime kazoo posse.”) If you don’t really follow the show, most of it sounds like total nonsense (hey, kinda like the show), but our Lost fan buddies who have heard the band swear it’s all HIGH-sterical.

Wisely, Lost‘s producers decided to enlist the band rather than sending them cease-and-desist letters; you can now catch Previously on Lost accompanying show recaps on Or, if you don’t feel like poking around ABC’s clunky website (we totally understand), here’s a little taste of their wacky and rather elaborate live show, courtesy of the band’s YouTube channel:


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