Happy friggin New Year! We hope you’re looking forward to our first full year of weird bands as much as we are. We’re gonna next level this shit!

To get 2010 off to a rip-roaring start, we here at TWBITW decided it was time to own up to our big gay man-crush on Mike Patton. Most of you unwashed infidels probably know Patton mainly as the lead vocalist of Faith No More, but really, that was kind of just his pay-the-bills side gig to support the other, really out-there shit he was more into all along. That includes everything from his other best-known gig, a metal/jazz/Zappa/prog/ska/funk/spazz/whatthefuckisthisshit band called Mr. Bungle, to a collaboration with avant-jazz skronk king John Zorn called Hemophiliac, to a more recent “pop” (read: funky electro-rap-metal with semi-decipherable lyrics) project called Peeping Tom whose biggest claim to fame was probably getting Norah Jones to sing “motherfucker.”

Any one of those projects is probably worthy of TWBITW status, but the one that really does it for us is an experimental metal band called Fantomas. Started in the late ’90s, the band features Patton, Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Melvins guitarist Buzz Osborne and Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn–and yes, the noise they make is every bit as weird as the sum of its parts. We saw them at Coachella a few years back and they seriously emptied out an entire tent in about 15 minutes. Even the hardcore Patton fans couldn’t hang with some of the shit these guys do.

So here’s a little Fantomas clip to usher in the New Year. Good reminder of our top resolution of 2010: always wear ear plugs to the show. (Give it until about the one minute mark…trust us, it’s totally worth it. Well, we think it is.)

[TWBITW fun fact: Patton is so famous for his demented vocals that he was hired to do the voices of the post-apocalyptic monsters in the movie “I Am Legend.” We’re guessing the sound effects guys tweaked his vocals a little in the final cut, but probably not by much.]

[TWBITW bonus video: Another of Patton’s zillion projects, Moonchild, is another collaboration with John Zorn that mainly features Patton’s vocal acrobatics. We found this video of a Moonchild live gig that was too awesome not to share for several reasons: 1.) the fantastic title, courtesy of the Patton hater who posted it; 2.) the fact that yes, Patton is reading his part from a score (Zorn composed the whole piece) and 3.) seriously, can any other human make all those sounds? Love him or hate him, the dude is a virtuoso.]


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