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A few months back, we blogged about Caninus, the world’s only (to our knowledge) death metal band featuring dogs on lead vocals. Well, in the interest of giving equal time, we guess it’s time to acknowledge that when it comes to replacing the feeble vocal chords of humans in the death metal scene, Caninus is not alone. There’s also a death metal band fronted by a parrot. We couldn’t make this shit up if we tried, people!

Amazingly, Hatebeak has been around since 2004 and released at least three records, including a split with our old pals Caninus. The band is made up of Blake, Mark and Waldo. We’ll let you guess which one is the parrot.

Much like Caninus, Hatebeak is strictly a studio project, so no live footage or music videos exist. However, several enterprising fans have posted most of the band’s catalog on YouTube at this point. They were signed to a Baltimore hardcore label/store called Reptilian Records, but it literally just closed its storefront today (today! what are the odds?) and although their website declares, “Is Reptilian going under? Hell no!” the link for the band’s page on the Reptilian site doesn’t work. So have Hatebeak squawked their last? We’re not optimistic. Although, we hear parrots live to be like 150, so maybe Waldo can pull a Dave Mustaine and go on to have lasting success with some other project, occasionally squawking bitterly about how shittily Blake and Mark treated him in interviews with Metal Hammer.

Anyway, here’s Hatebeak in action. Kind of arty compared to Caninus, but we’re diggin it.



6 thoughts on “Hatebeak

  1. luigithelovebird

    The editor of Decibel sent Waldo’s mailing address! Thank you very much! Luigi would love to send you a complimentary card (made by a bird and a crazy lady) as a thank you if you care to send me a mailing address.

    1. jakemanson

      Sweet. We love a happy ending and we love free shit even more! We’ll email you a mailing address. We can’t post it here because of all the crazies who frequent this blog. Present company excepted of course.

  2. I just found out about Hatebeak today! Luigi the Lovebird and I have a greeting card business together called Hand and Beak. Luigi shreds paper with his beak into precision strips and I craft figurative collages out of Luigi’s shredding–we are among the first generation of inter-species folk artists (where the other ones are I don’t know, but there must be more out there). Luigi would love to send Waldo one of our greeting cards if I can hunt down the address.

    1. weirdestband

      Love it! I wish we knew how to get in touch with Waldo but sadly we have no hookup. Maybe you can try reaching him through Decibel Magazine? He has a column in there. (Yes, there’s even a parrot pulling down more freelance income than Jake and me.)

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