Die Antwoord

We gotta say, 2010 has gotten off to a pretty slow start here at TWBITW. There just isn’t much genuinely weird shit out there these days. Note to bands: There were over 100,000 new albums released last year. You might wanna try to, y’know, stand out a little.

So thank Christ on a crutch that someone finally hipped us to this “zef rap-rave crew” from South Africa called Die Antwoord. Frontman Ninja is fond of mentioning in every one of the group’s songs, videos and interviews that his crew is onto some “next level futuristic shit” and we gotta say—dude ain’t lying.

Die Antwoord—whose name apparently means “The Answer” in Afrikaans—also consists of singer/dancer/future American Apparel model Yo-landi Vi$$er, producer/DJ Hi-Tek (who will no doubt be getting a cease-and-desist letter shortly from this dude), and a little guy with progeria syndrome whose main job seems to be to stand around looking weird. Based on the intro to this video, you’d think the whole thing was a joke, but then Ninja starts rapping like a white South African Busta Rhymes over Hi-Tek’s squiggly beats and Yo-landi’s helium-voiced croons and something undeniably awesome starts to happen. What that something is exactly, we’re not sure, but we like it.

It’s hard to pick just one of Die Antwoord’s videos because they each showcase a different aspect of the group’s goofy, slightly malnourished charm. But the one that probably blew our minds the hardest was “Enter the Ninja”…especially the little inspirational monologue at the 4:05 mark. If you’re hungry for more, we’d also recommend the video for “Wat Pomp,” which appears to use the same set. Recycling—it’s da bomb, baby!

P.S. For a long time, the above video wouldn’t play as an embed, but since Die Antwoord ended their contract with Interscope Records, it’s back. Sweet!

P.P.S. See also our post about Max Normal, the “motivational speaker-style” rap group that Ninja and Yo-landi were in prior to Die Antwoord.



12 thoughts on “Die Antwoord

  1. i know i’m real late on this but i wanted to note that the guy the article sorta kinda considers fancy funky furniture [standing around looking weird] was named leon botha. he created all the art you see in the photo that includes him. he was a tremendous painter, just stunning. i am sad to say he died a few years ago. very impressive person, i think, progeria or no, & i wanted to give him at least a corner of a corner of his due.

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      1. Sheavy

        I have a rabid hate for most pop music now-a-days, especially a lot of mainstream rap, techno, and Lady Gag/ Nicki ‘Stupid Hoe’ Minaj/ Avril Lavatory. Gorillaz are probably my favorite mainstream act right now, they actually put a good bit of thought into their music.

        1. blobby

          If you listen to ANY of Die Antwoord’s older stuff, you can see very clearly (being that through Die Antwoord, it’s not as visible) that they put a whole lot of thought into their music. You can start out with their older band “the constructus corporation” which I also recommend this website to look into and possibly add it to the weird list.
          Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

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