Our next weird band comes to us from Florida, land of spring break, old people, Disney World, stolen presidential elections, and death metal. Not many people know about that last one, but it’s true—many of the evillest sounding metal bands of all time hail from the Sunshine State. When you grow up surrounded by beaches and old farts in golf carts, screaming your head off about death and carnage over jackhammer-fast riffs seems like as good a response as any.

To our ears, Yip-Yip kinda sounds like what might happen if a couple of computer science geeks tried to combine their love of Devo and, oh, let’s say Donkey Kong with one of the more technical death metal bands like Cynic. There are no guitars, just lots of spazzy synthesizers and the occasional saxophone or robot vocal, all kind of sounding violent and playful at the same time, like a really good mosh pit. Do people mosh at Yip-Yip shows? If they don’t, they should.

The Yip-Yip dudes heighten all this electro insanity with a fondness for strobe lights (seriously, epileptics should NOT visit this band’s MySpace page) and these goofy checkerboard costumes, although judging from their more recent videos and live performance clips, they seem to be ditching the checkerboards in favor of a beret-wearing look that’s more sort of Nerd Special Forces. They still love those strobes though.

Anyway, here’s a recent video from Yip-Yip’s YouTube channel, which has got all kinds of great stuff, including a truly hilarious clip of them playing a high school homecoming dance. Seriously, those kids at Lyman High don’t know how lucky they are—at my high school dances, we just got lame-ass top 40 DJs and one time, a really shitty ska band. (Warning: more strobe effects!)



5 thoughts on “Yip-Yip

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  2. I’ve seen Yip-Yip many times over the years, and, sadly, have never seen a mosh pit at one of their shows. They used to have masks that covered their whole face. Interesting note: they’re from Winter Haven, which is where the classic gore film “Two Thousand Maniacs” was filmed. Right outside Walt Disney’s door!

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