Bob Log III

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Damn, I wish I’d thought of this guy’s shtick before he did. Bob Log III is a one-man band who dresses up in an Evel Knievel costume, plays Delta blues slide guitar, sings songs about boobies and booze, and gets chicks to bounce on his knees while he plays a bass drum and cymbal with his feet. It’s genius!

Somehow, Mr. Log has been milking this routine for over a decade, and people still go apeshit for it. How we failed to discover him until recently is beyond me. Maybe it’s because Eddie and me aren’t really blues fans so much…but when you throw in the human-cannonball jumpsuits and songs with titles like “Boob Scotch” and “I Want Your Shit on My Leg,” we’re in.

Oh, and did we mention that the dude also recorded an album featuring additional percussion played by two “professional women” smacking their tits together? It’s true. He also occasionally crowd-surfs in an inflatable rubber raft. Like we said, genius.

This video was shot last year at Spaceland in Los Angeles, which is like, practicaly at the end of my street. How did I manage to miss that show and the one he just did tonight in Echo Park? Clearly I need to remember not to get drunk until after I leave the house. Oh and P.S.: yes, that’s a telephone strapped to the front of his helmet. I guess that’s where he keeps his microphone. He need to rig up a straw on that thing so he can drink his scotch though.



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