Richard There

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It’s another first here at Weird Band central: for the first time ever, we’re gonna feature an artist based on the votes of you, our loyal reader(s). Yes, a few months back, we decided to create a “Submit and Vote” page where bands could submit themselves for possible inclusion on The Weird List, and we could let all y’all out there on the Interwebs vote on whether we should include them or not. After a few false starts (let’s face it, the talent pool among fans of this blog does not run deep), we finally found an artist worthy of The Weird List. So here he is, folks: the one, the only, the truly bizarre Richard There.

Now we still don’t know much about Richard, except that he’s from Germany, he’s a fan of ours (at least he tell us so, and hell, why wouldn’t he be? we rock), and he makes funny, somewhat creepy little comic strips and funny, even creepier little songs that kinda sound like they were written by a schitzophrenic off his Clozapine. You know, lyrics about voices in his head and whatnot, sung in a thick German accent and accompanied mainly by solo guitar played with what we’ll charitably describe as shaky determination. He also has a lot of songs about birds. We’re not really sure what that’s about.

Not one to rest on his laurels and/or in a pool of his own filth, Richard also has a project called Spielplatz der Bosewichte, a musical collaboration with a fellow freak named Joewl Levis. It sounds pretty much exactly like Richard’s solo stuff, except with another thickly German-accented guy singing sometimes, too.

Anyway, Richard doesn’t have any videos on YouTube*, so we’ll have to deviate from our usual format and just suggest that if you want to hear some of Richard’s music, head on over to, where he has pretty much his whole catalog available, most of it for free. We’d recommend starting with “Cat in My Head,” which combines all of Richard There’s obsessions—birds, shakily played guitar, and things inside his head—in one two-minute burst of talent-show-in-the-psych-ward awesomeness.

[*Update: Since we first posted this, Richard has alerted us to the fact that he does, in fact, have a YouTube channel, which currently features a short film he wrote the music for. So here it is. Also, he informs us that he is not technically from Germany but from “There.” Thanks for clearing that up, Richard!]



4 thoughts on “Richard There

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  2. Richard There is THE man, the man from There.
    He inspired in me a newfound love of colors.
    He sounds more Mexican than German to me, but perhaps people from There all sound Mexican?
    He collaborates with strange musicians, and, even better,
    He collaborates with many non-musicians inviting them to his place to record improvised songs
    He can make me laugh,
    He can also take me to strange, foreboding, eerie, desolate and bleak places
    He is also going to be featured as a guest in one song on my band’s next album
    I hope to visit There someday.

  3. Yeah guys – great write up on the legendary Richard There!
    He is one of my greatest finds this year.
    One element of his that is so unique is his raw emotion – something that lacks in so much intentionally “weird” music.
    Book your trip now for the land of There . . .

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