The Locust

It being Halloween and whatnot, I thought it would be a good time to give a shout out to another costume band. But not just any costume band, because let’s face it, all the rubber monster masks in the world can’t make up for boring music. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Slipknot.

But these guys out of San Diego called The Locust are pretty badass. They play a style of punk/thrash/noise that I guess some folks call “powerviolence“…yes, there’s a genre name for everything these days. There songs are super short, sometimes less than a minute, and tend to have titles like “Recyclable Body Fluids in Human Form” and “Full Frontal Obscurity.” And the kicker is that, unlike your average punk band (or powerviolence band, as far as we know), they dress up in these matching uniforms that make them look kind of like a cross between DEVO and a chemical weapons disposel team.

So here’s a little clip of The Locust doing their costumed powerviolence thing, with a precision and ferocity that puts the latest Saw move to shame. Incidently, their drummer is a guy named Gabe Serbian who used to be in another band we’ve blogged about, veggie goregrinders Cattle Decapitation. Bet the Cattle guys miss him. Dude’s an absolute beast.


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5 thoughts on “The Locust

  1. pheonix

    Around the turn of the decade, A music scene began to raise it’s ugly head into the world.
    A scene heavily influenced by bands such as THE LOCUST and MELT BANANA.
    When asked, the pioneering bands of Neo-trash, state that, if Neo-trash truly is a genre then The Locust was truly the first.
    They looked to create a music scene outside of the norm. The small secretive group called this scene NEOTRASH, The style of audio graffiti. It all started with a band called“The Ghost Computer!!”. That band spawned, probably the most influential Neotrash band in the scene “This Killed Jonbenet”. From 2004 to 2012 this scene grew like a virus along the east coast of it’s home in Australia. Staying subterranean and only letting a few into the circle.
    Over those years the scene developed into a underground political movement, consisting of political hackavists, crazy people and enlightened lovers of experimental music.
    Some called themselves a family, others called themselves and army.
    With politically driven lyrics, fired at you through polyp inducing screams and a chaotic haze of over distorted guitars. swarmed by crazy cybernetics and muscle melting drums…I think this maybe for you.
    In 2012 the founding band “The Ghost Computer!!” broke up and the scene seemed to fall apart…I’m doing my best to revive this scene I love. Keeping things a secret to keep posers out doesn’t work. Help me get bands like these back in the world.

    The Ghost Computer – I am The Black Box/The Directors cut (full album)

    Live from the last ever show.

    This Killed Jonbenet – Humanity, Human Cattle (full album)

    Million Eels – Emeute EP (full ep)

    Gorilla Meat – Robo Bro Ep (full ep)

    Gorilla Meat – Gunt EP (full Ep)

    Moshi Moshi Mushi – Self Titled

    East Coast Pistols – 2007 Demo

    HUMINCEST – 2009 Demo AKA FOR DA 63/\/\A 51ut

    During my spare time I will be releasing more from my collection of Neotrash recording.
    Please help me:

  2. spunj13

    these guys are phenomenal live.
    they play absolutely precisely live with no communication between the members, at least when i saw them last. they’d stop and start with no warning whatsoever.

    they were on tour with daughters and cattle decapitation at the time.

    also, Cattle Decapitation started as a side-project of The Locust back in the day.

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