The White Mice

Today’s weird band was suggested by a reader named spunj13, who posted a whole shitload of bands on our Submit & Vote page recently. Dude should probably start his own weird band blog, but lucky for us, he decided to share his toys instead. So thanks, spunj13! And sorry we haven’t posted more math-metal, since that seems to be your thing.

The weirdness of The White Mice is pretty self-explanatory, as you can probably tell from the above photo. But let’s break it down anyway: They’re a noise-rock band from Providence, Rhode Island who wear scary mouse heads and bloody lab coats and play a combination of punk/thrash/sludge-metal insanity and electro/glitch/bent-circuit insanity. They title most of their stuff with various bad puns on all things mouse-related: “Gouda and Evil,” “Cheesus Saves,” “Rattarddead,” you get the idea. The band members, as far as we can tell, have all managed to remain anonymous, using aliases like Ol’ Durty Mouse Turd, Hail Cheesus, Vincent Mice and…you knew this was coming,  didn’t you?…Anonymouse. And they’ve been doing this shit since 2001. So suck it, Deadmau5!

So…who wants some cheese?


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