Extreme Turbo Smash

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Well, weirdlings, our Submit & Vote page has struck again. It took us awhile, but we finally got around to tallying up the votes and Denver furrycore band (You like that? “Furrycore”? We just made that up. TM!) Extreme Turbo Smash has officially been deemed weird by you, our cracked out readers. Nice one, Extreme Turbo Smash!

We don’t know a lot about these guys, but we don’t really have to: This is one of those instant “get it” bands that doesn’t really require a lot of explaining. It’s a bunch of dudes (at least we think they’re dudes…come to think of it, you really can’t tell) dressed up in furry animal suits, playing the most balls-out metal this side of Megadeth. The whole thing started as a joke, as one of the band members admitted to us…but they’re fast becoming one of the most popular live acts in Colorado, and you can see why. It’s like someone hired the guys from Anthrax to play a five year old’s birthday party. It’s also pretty impressive stuff on a purely technical level—I mean, can that one guy in the giant penguin head even see what he’s playing? Or wait, maybe it’s a crow head. Either way, he kinda shreds.



4 thoughts on “Extreme Turbo Smash

    1. jakemanson

      Not bad! He’s like a cross between Bob Log III and Peelander-Z. And one of those castrated singers from the middle ages.

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