Super Geek League

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(Photo by Geoffrey Gribbin:

Well, this is kinda fun. Super Geek League calls their music “soul metal” and their stage show a “sci fi punk circus” complete with dancing girls, crazy outfits, gnomes, strippers dressed up like Hindu goddesses, confetti cannons, pillow fight mosh pits (don’t ask me, I’m just quoting from their press kit), and occasionally things like Twinkies and dead fish getting tossed at the audience. In fact, they nearly got kicked off the Warped Tour because of the cleanup required after a typical SGL set. And if you’re extreme enough to piss off the Warped Tour people, you must be doing something right.

We haven’t been able to find out much else about these guys, except that they’re from Seattle, they have an album coming out later this month (called, as coincidence would have it, Soul Metal) and their ringleader calls himself Floyd McFeely. There’s more about the band in this article, but frankly the writing was so bad it made my head hurt. We’ll give the writer the benefit of the doubt though—after trying to interview these guys, I might lose my ability to form sentences, too.

Wait, this is a first: As I was writing this, Floyd McFeely emailed me. Dude’s psychic. Either that or he just noticed that we started following him on Twitter. Either way, coincidink.

He writes: “We have already been named “Best Masked Bands” so mine [sic] as well be one of the WEIRDEST bands.” Amen, brother.

Floyd also forwarded us a copy of the band’s official press kit, which is a good thing because we were really have a hard time describing these guys. But here you go, chew on this, from the Erotic Exotic Ball: “If System of a Down, Primus and Insane Clown Posse gangbanged Macy Gray, Super Geek League would undoubtedly be their spunky demon offspring.” Yeah that about sums it up.

But hey, you haven’t even been paying attention since I mentioned something about strippers dressed up like Hindu goddesses, have you? Well, get ready to burn in whatever the Hindu equivalent of Hell is, because you’re about to see what I mean.



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