Prussian Blue

Prussian_Blue.jpgI don’t know about you, but if I was a white supremacist, I’m pretty sure hardcore punk would be my soundtrack of choice. I mean, if you’re gonna go around hating the vast majority of all other people on the planet all day, you need to be listening to something that’s gonna keep you revved up. Keep those hate juices flowing, so to speak.

And for the most part, actual white supremacists seem to agree with me. Google the words “white power music” and you get lots of smashy-smashy, shouty-shouty anthems from bands with names like Skrewdriver and Xenophobe and Max Resist and Blue Eyed Devils, who all pretty much sound like early Black Flag, except with lyrics like, “Now I’ll fight for my race and nation, Sieg Heil!”—which, by the way, is an actual lyric from a Blue Eyed Devils song called “White Victory.” No, these people are not fucking around. Most of them think Hitler was actually a pretty swell guy (although they also tend to think the Holocaust didn’t happen, which is a pretty convenient way to take some of the stink off the whole Hitler-loving thing).

Given this backdrop, it’s all the more bizarre that a band like Prussian Blue ever existed. For one brief shining moment, white power music had its Carpenters, its Hanson and its Jewel all rolled into one adorable little blonde-haired, blue-eyed package—and mainstream media lost their fucking minds over it.

Prussian Blue was a folk-pop duo from Bakersfield, California, made up of twin sisters Lamb and Lynx Gaede (yes, their actual names). They began performing together at the age of nine at the behest of their mother, April, who basically made the two girls mouthpieces for her racist world view before they were really old enough to fully grasp the significance of what they were singing about.

At first, they were cute but kinda terrible, doing tentative, slightly off-key Skrewdriver covers and goofy originals like “Skinhead Boy” (“Oi oi oi, skinhead boy, you’re my oi boy”). But by their second album, The Path We Chose (which came out when the girls were seasoned concert vets and all of thirteen), they had actually gotten pretty good. But by then, the novelty value had worn off and the mainstream media went back to ignoring them. And soon after that, they started covering Bob Dylan (“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” which would actually be a great white supremacist song if it hadn’t been written by a hippie Jew from New York City), and pretty soon the white supremacist community was ignoring them too. By 2006, at fourteen, they were done.

Today the girls live in Montana and have disavowed their up-with-whitey roots entirely. “I love diversity,” Lynx told an interviewer for The Daily just a few weeks ago. “It makes me proud of humanity every day that we have so many different places and people.”

They’ve also become big medical marijuana advocates, mostly because they use pot to treat a whole host of medical issues that you have to figure are either the result of bad karma or the stress of being the target of so much public outrage at such a tender age. Lynx has cancer and something called CVS, which stands for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (and you thought the drug store chain was bad). Lamb has scoliosis and chronic back pain. You have to feel sorry for them—even though reading some of the interviews they gave back in their Prussian Blue days is pretty cringe-inducing.

“I like everything except nigger music,” Lamb told an interviewer for Resistance, the magazine put out by their record label of the same name. Although they also told an interviewer for Vice magazine who asked the same question: “But our all-time favorite is Barney the purple dinosaur!”

So here they are, in all their Aryan glory: Prussian Blue. Don’t let the cuteness brainwash you into hating black people. Or white people, for that matter. It’s not our fault that some of us white folks are ignorant, hate-filled people who dress their children up like Sound of Music extras and coax them into singing about the coming race war like it’s “Kumbaya.” [Note: Since we first wrote this post, sites like YouTube have gotten more proactive about removing racist content, so it’s very likely by the time you read this, the link below will be dead. Most of the other links in this article are already toast. This is probably a good thing, although we can’t help wondering if sweeping stuff like Prussian Blue under the rug is really going to help rid the world of Nazis. Which is why we’re leaving up this post, even though we get more hate mail about it — from liberals and alt-right trolls alike — than anything else we’ve ever written.]



8 thoughts on “Prussian Blue

  1. Johna

    This “editorial” of your is really pathetic. You lead it off with the image of an old poster of a now defunct duo, start the article off making it seem like the group is still active, and don’t even get around to mentioning they no long hold their white supremacist beliefs until halfway through the piece. Then you finish it all off by linking to one of their (simply awful) music videos (my ears really hurt now). And you even insult the reader’s sensibilities by trivializing the girls’ illnesses by speculating it was maybe caused by “bad karma”. Christ, you are really one goddamned asshole. Do the world a favor, please. Stop blogging before you get someone killed.

    1. jakemanson

      Huh. We thought we made pretty clear that Prussian Blue a.) are defunct and b.) were too young to really be responsible for the crap they were singing about. The intro was by way of better acquainting our readers with white power music…a subject we assumed (wrongly, maybe?) that most of them might not know much about. As for the “bad karma” remark… We stand firmly by our belief that if karma exists, singing racist propaganda brings you the bad kind. Even if you’re singing it unwittingly.

      1. Cymond

        Although you believe in karma, apparently you don’t believe in forgiveness or mercy for children.
        Maybe that says something about you.

        1. rellol

          listen here, idiot, this is not a hippie-peace-and-love forum here. it’s not a forum to fight white power either. it’s a website about weird bands. we can talk about the stuff you’re talking about in another forum, because our main focus here is not whether or not they deserve more mercy, but rather how is their music and how weird it is. Also, I’m gonna have to call you an SJW because you made many statements about jakemanson just to make your butthurt feel better rather than to provide actual criticisms. Go away please, again, you’re not on the right website, and you’re ignoring a lot of what jakemanson said.

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