Here Come the Mummies

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It’s Friday, and Jake and I are ready to get on down with our bad selves. And who better to get down with than a bunch of dudes playing hammy funk-rock while done up in full-bandage mummy attire? No one, we say!

Here Come the Mummies are based in Nashville and keep their identities secret, so naturally there’s a lot of speculation as to who might be lurking under those mummy rags. One thing’s for certain: It’s not these guys. That’s a completely different band from California just called The Mummies, who actually pre-date Here Come the Mummies by a good decade. We’ll probably put The Mummies on the Weird List at some point, too—although they play snotty, DIY punk, which is actually sort of what we’d expect a bunch of mummies to sound like. Here Come the Mummies, by contrast, sound more like a cross between Fitz & the Tantrums and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, which is totally unexpected and therefore, we think, kind of awesome. There is not much mummy iconography in funk and soul music. Not even P-Funk, as far as we know, ever had anyone in full Boris Karloff drag lurching around the stage. These guys are breaking new ground.

Oh yeah—and they are also the proud inventors of the Cowbelt. Did we mention that these are naughty mummies?

The Here Come the Mummies live show looks pretty fun, but the best YouTube videos featuring the group were all actually shot for a syndicated radio program called The Bob & Tom Show. If you don’t mind the occasional annoying laughs of the hosts, the sound quality here is excellent—and proof that whoever these guys are, and however silly their whole horndog mummy shtick may be, they can play.



8 thoughts on “Here Come the Mummies

  1. Wayde whittaker

    Making a 9 hour drive to Cincinnati in October to see our 5th HCTM show in a little over a year! Not a better live band out there weird or not! Have over a 130 original songs on my mummy playlist, and I am missing complete albums! They are prolific to say the least releasing new music continuously. The level of talent in this band is incredible, and we leave every show smiling ear to ear and jonesing for our next mummy fix!

  2. Brian roark

    Just saw these guys a week ago, wow ! Best live music ever , these talented musicians do this for the love of it and it shows in there performance

  3. nancy conlon.

    I love the mummies! tell me when they will be back on the north side of Chicago I want to heat then rock again!!!!!

  4. WendyFrost

    Even though I have only been to 12 live shows (some of my friends have racked up dozens) they are still fresh (well, as fresh as nine 4000-year-old dead guys can be), live (ditto), and more ridiculously talented than anyone you’ve ever seen. Worth every penny!

  5. I’ve seen them in concert and they frikkin RULE! their live shows are as entertaining as any band I’ve ever seen. They hit the stage with energy., Fill you full energy., They keep their energy up throughout the show., When it’s over you have no energy from all the cheering and danceing. Yes folx… I am a fan. What ever gave ya that idea???

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