The Misfits

When I want to get into the Halloween spirit, my third favorite thing to do (after answering the door naked and offering Jager shots to the neighborhood kids) is crank up The Misfits. Seriously, is any band more synonymous with Halloween? I think not.

There are, of course, two versions of The Misfits: the original, Glenn Danzig one, and the latter-day, Jerry Only one, also widely known among fans as “the bullshit version.” I actually dig them both for totally different reasons. Danzig’s Misfits were fun, kooky and occasionally scary in a sort of Ramones-meets-Tales From the Crypt way; Only’s Misfits are fun, kooky and occasionally hilarious in a Dead Milkmen-meets-Killer Clowns From Outer Space way. See the difference?

Anyway, I figured this Halloween, it’d be good to honor the original horror punks with a spot on our ever-growing Weird List. Here’s a video from the Jerry Only era. Had they become total parodies of themselves by this point? Of course, but that’s sort of the point.

P.S. Not that the world really needs a new Misfits album, but we got one this month anyway. It’s called The Devil’s Rain and you can hear a track, “Land of the Dead,” by going to their website and clicking the Audio On/Off button. Yes, that’s Jerry doing vocals now. At this point, he can do whatever the hell he wants, but…man. Suddenly, for all the wrong reasons, they’ve gotten kinda scary again.


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7 thoughts on “The Misfits

    1. weirdestband

      Graves on lead vocals, yes, but he was never really the leader of the band. Jerry Only was on bass and he and Doyle were pretty much running the band at this point.

  1. Balloon Hater

    Smashing good times, my boy, simply smashing!

    Yeah, the way I like to see The Misfits:

    One’s a classic black and white horror movie. It may have a silly concept, but in a certain subtle nuance, and sometimes thought provoking

    Then the other side, a cheesy ’70s/’80s horror B movie. Completely over the top, yet ridiculously fun.

    And no matter which way you take it, you have to at least admire Jerry Only for at least keeping the tradition of making each album different from eachother. I like how The Devil’s rain has this cheesy power metal but with faint ’50s feel, thanks to the occasional ’50s-calling “woahhh” backing chorus in a few songs, and Jerry’s best attempt at trying to channel Elvis. A cartoon elvis doing power metal based on material inspired by horror movies, how’s that bad?

  2. Harmony

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve been listening to horror punk for years, but I don’t see anything weird at all about The Misfits.

    1. weirdestband

      That’s fair. Sometimes we add a band to the Weird List that’s only contextually weird, i.e. if you heard them or saw them back in their early years, they would’ve blown your mind. Since then, so many bands have done horror punk that the novelty of those early Misfits records has worn off.

  3. Sheavy

    Not much a big fan of this style of punk, I like the Minuteman/Clash style better. But they certaintly took their halloween theme and ran with it.

  4. Ian Frost

    i have always seen it as three itterations (Danzig, Graves, Only) cause I liked american psycho and famous monsters, so i try not to associate them with project 1950 and devil’s rain lol.

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