Let’s take this blog up a notch, shall we?

Happy 2012, weirdlings! Jake and I have decided it’s high time we shake things up here TWBITW, so expect some changes and surprises in the months ahead, including:

  • More posts. Not just a new band every few days, but updates on bands we’ve already posted about. You want up-to-the-minute news on Insane Clown Posse, don’t you? Well, even if you don’t, you’re gonna get it.
  • “Weirdify” playlists. Every two weeks or so, we’ll share a new Spotify playlist with some of our latest favorite weird nuggets from bands on the Weird 100 and beyond.  It’ll be just like your regular TWBITW experience, only with way less of that annoying “reading” stuff.
  • Weird Wednesdays. Starting this week, we’ll be adding a new band to the Weird A-Z List every Wednesday, instead of our previous system of adding bands whenever the hell we felt like it. Which was admittedly more our style, but “Weird Wednesdays” just sounds cool, so we’re running with it.
  • Weird Band TV. Okay, this one is still more in the R&D phase. But sometime in 2012, we will begin shooting and posting our own videos, featuring whichever of the Weird 100 artists are desperate enough for publicity to agree to let Jake and me interview them. It’s gonna be just like this site, minus the cute host chick, hipster attitude and quality camera work.

And there’s more stuff in the works, but we can’t tell you or it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?

One more thing: After much debate and gnashing of teeth and other body parts, we decided to do away with the polls on what was formerly known as the Submit/Vote page and is now just the Submit a Band page. So to those of you who really liked clicking on those little voting buttons, our apologies. You can still suggest bands and we’ll totally consider them…and by “totally,” we of course mean, “probably, if the mood strikes us.”

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more weirdness than you can shake one of these at.


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