Sir Ivan pigs out on Bravo TV

Our rocktronic hero, Sir Ivan, made an appearance on Bravo TV last night, and it was a doozie. Apparently every summer he throws a medieval-themed party at his castle in the Hamptons, and this year, the event was filmed for an episode of Chef Roblé & Co., a new Bravo TV series about a New York celebrity caterer named, well, Chef Roblé, who roasted an entire pig for the festivities. The party also featured wandering minstrels, fire eaters, little people dressed up as trolls, and Dina Lohan. Because any self-respecting bacchanal has to be attended by at least one Lohan.

You can see more photos from the party at (the site from which we swiped the above photo–hope you don’t mind, guys!). And you can see a clip from the episode Chef Roblé & Co. here. It premiered last night, but it airs again on Bravo (here on the West Coast anyway) this Thursday at 9:30 pm. If you’re looking for it on TiVo, it’s the episode called “Crazy Hamptons Blowout.” We missed the premiere, but we’re definitely planning to catch it this Thursday. Apparently the party culminates in the unveiling of a naked statue of Sir Ivan’s trophy girlfriend, Mina Otsuka, which won’t be weird or awkward at all. (That’s Mina above with Ivan and Dina, in the wings and the Michael Stipe facepaint.)

We’ll leave you with another Sir Ivan video, because his videos are awesome. Also, because we’re still shamelessly fishing for an invite to his next party. We love you, Sir Ivan!

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4 thoughts on “Sir Ivan pigs out on Bravo TV

    1. weirdestband

      Thanks for the amazing photo! We had to make sure we included visual confirmation of Dina Lohan’s presence. Otherwise our readers would’ve assumed we were just making shit up again.

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