Trippple Nippples show their softer side with Oli Chang remix

Even the spazziest of J-pop bands has to mellow out once in awhile. So once you’re done getting your freak on to “Drink the Haterade” and giving yourself seizures watching their “LSD” video, go unclench your earholes to “Golden Road,” a surprisingly pretty, soothing track from Trippple Nippples, the band I recently described (reductively, I must admit) as the “Japanese Lady Gaga” on public radio. Then get even more chill with the dream-poppy Oli Chang remix, which also comes with its own video featuring lots of shots of trains cruising through tunnels and winter landscapes. We kept waiting for the Trippp Nippp ladies to show up and start smearing rice noodles everywhere, but it ain’t that kind of clip.

Side note regarding Oli Chang: He’s also the man responsible for “Chicken Techno,” which might be the single most awesome thing we’ve seen all week. Better than the “Funky Chicken,” you ask? Much.

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