Richard There’s first official music video: “Silence Train”

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A few days ago, our old friend Richard There posted a comment on TWBITW noting that he has a new video for his song “Silence Train”—his first proper music video, according to his website. Congrats, Richard! MTV will be your oyster any day now. That is, if they ever start showing music videos again.

“Silence Train” was directed by Brian Square—a pretty weird musician in his own right—and features lots of found black-and-white footage of trains, bustling city streets, diving horses and various other peculiar images from bygone days. The song it accompanies describes what sounds like a fairly humdrum train ride, but Richard imparts the whole thing with a dreamlike sense of foreboding and dread. His music has gotten less rough and more atmospheric, too, at least on this track. We like!

In other news from There, Richard is playing his first-ever U.K. show in Colchester on June 2nd, the first date of what he plans to make into a full-fledged U.K. tour. We’re not really sure where Colchester is, but if you’re anywhere near it and you dig weird music, go. The show will also feature this guy.

Ready to take a ride on the “Silence Train”? Please present your tickets and existential angst to the conductor. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Richard There’s first official music video: “Silence Train”

  1. Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town, towards the East coast of England, an hour or two north of Central London. “This guy” is John Callaghan, who used to be on Warp Records. Please come! And other UK promoters, please book Richard!

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