New track and video from Mascara (the artist formerly known as M△S▴C△RA): “Empire of Man”

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I’m not sure how I feel about this. Our favorite weird witch house duo, M△S▴C△RA, appears to have dropped all the non-alphabetical characters from their name and decided to just call themselves Mascara. And while on the one hand, I really appreciate never having to type (or—who am I kidding?—copy/paste) M△S▴C△RA again, I’m a little sad that they’ve apparently gotten fed up with one of witch house’s more entertaining stylistic quirks.

Actually, this seems to be a trend among witch house producers of late. The artist formerly known as ///▲▲▲\\\ now prefers to go by Horse MacGyver (really?); †‡† now calls himself Rrritualzzz or sometimes even just Ritualz; GL▲SS †33†H took the somewhat more obvious step of switching to just plain ol’ Glass Teeth. Apparently, given the choice between maintaining their underground cred and letting fans actually Google them, most witch house acts are opting for the latter. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Underground cred doesn’t buy records and concert tickets—although it will get you lots of vaguely snarky media coverage.)

But hey, this is all just window-dressing anyway, right? The good news in all of this is, however they decide to type out their name, artists like Mascara continue to produce music that’s as bizarre and creepy as ever. Exhibit A: their latest track, “Empire of Man,” which features electro-industrial singer-producer //TENSE// (guess he didn’t get the “spell your name like a normal band” memo) and an ominous video that provides a nice accompaniment to the track’s menacing synths and what sounds like a children’s choir stuffed into gunny sack. Probably with duct tape over their mouths.

“Empire of Man” is coming out soon on a split 7″ with Slow Head on Tundra Dubs. Like Mascara’s Facebook page for more info on when it drops and where to get it. And to see photos of the guys since they stopped posing in janitor’s closets in black hoodies and Gothy candle T-shirts. They clean up nice.


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