Weird bands on St. Paddy’s Day: Naked & Shameless in Long Beach, Extreme Turbo Smash in Denver

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If you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in either Denver or Long Beach, California (or Tha LBC, as us hood rats like to call it), we’ve got great news for you. You’ll have weird bands playing! Sorry, Rest of the Earth. As far as we know, you’re shit out of luck.

Those of y’all in Denver can celebrate that proud Irish tradition of getting fucked up to thrash-style metal played by dudes in furry animal costumes. Yes, Extreme Turbo Smash, America’s best and (as far as we know) only furrycore band is on the bill at KBPI’s Shamrocks and Shenanigans party, along with a bunch of bands we honestly never heard of before but we’re sure are pretty excellent by Denver standards. It all goes down at the Summit Music Hall starting at 4 p.m. and—get this—tickets are just $1.67. You’ll actually save money by going—just think of all the porn you won’t be downloading while you’re out of the house! (Or maybe that’s just me.)

Meanwhile, in Long Beach, St. Paddy’s Day revelers can get serenaded table-side by California’s drunkest acoustic kitsch-rock duo, Naked & Shameless (that’s them in the pic above, in all their kitsch-rock glory). They’ll be playing an early set at 4 p.m. at Max Steiner’s. It’s a sports bar, so you can stay for March Madness and sober up (or keep drinking for all I care…I’m not your mother).

However you celebrate the patron saint of the Emerald Isle, have fun and don’t do anything (too) stupid. Let’s play this post out with a nice little N&S drinking song, shall we?


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