GWAR on politics: Oderus Urungus endorses death to all candidates*

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Friend of the site and Weird 100 occupant (currently at No. 25) Army of Gay Unicorns recently brought something pretty sweet to our attention: The website Gawker has been collecting presidential endorsements from various metal bands. Damn, with we’d thought of that. We’ll have to settle for stealing some of their artwork (above) and linking to their “Metal Endorsements” feature. Check it out…it’s good shit, and proves (so far, at least) that Ron Paul is the most metal of all presidential candidates.

But the most metal of all endorsements came, not surprisingly, from Oderus Urungus, frontbeing of costumed shock-shredders GWAR. Oderus’s take on this year’s presidential candidates? They all suck, and all deserve to meet a grim, untimely demise:

“Simply put, all the offered choices are so nauseatingly banal that there is no flavor I favor….They all suck so bad that I cannot begin to do anything other than reject everything they stand for, and can endorse no party or candidate so much as I heartily cry for their destruction, lust for them to be tasked and scourged with fire and whips, and yearn to see great clouds of insects set upon their genitals.”

You can read Oderus’s entire non-endorsement, which also includes something about a “gigantic wheel of over-sized knives” (sounds like a future GWAR concert prop to us), over on Gawker. Candidates, consider yourselves warned.

*This whole thing is a joke, and neither Oderus nor Weirdest Band in the World endorses actual death to anyone. Not even Rick Santorum.


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