Flaming Lips collaborate on Record Store Day release with Bon Iver, Lightning Bolt and…Ke$ha?!?

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(Photo: J. Michelle Martin Coyne)

Well, it’s not quite as bizarre as a 24-hour song released inside an actual human skull, but it’ll have to do. The Flaming Lips are releasing a new album of collaborations on limited-edition colored vinyl on Record Store Day (April 21st) and the guest list reads like one of those blatantly bogus Coachella lineups. Among the artists lending their vocal and musical talents to The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends: Chris Martin, Nick Cave, Yoko Ono, Erykah Badu, Bon Iver, Biz Markie, Neon Indian, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Prefuse 73, Tame Impala, Lightning Bolt, and Ke$ha. Yes, Ke$ha will appear on the same album as John Lennon’s widow and our favorite bass/drums noise-rock duo. We’ll give you a moment to bang your head on your keyboard and weep for humanity.

But wait, it gets better worse: Wayne Coyne recently told Rolling Stone that he had so much fun working with the slutwave princess that he’s considering teaming up again on her next album. “She’s a lot of fun and crazy and open to ideas,” Coyne insisted, “and she’s creative. She’s all these things that you don’t know.”

Now, to be fair, we haven’t heard the Ke$ha/Lips/Biz Markie track “2012” yet, so who knows? Maybe it will blow our minds. After all, we’re talking about a band that once recorded a pretty dope song about Spongebob Squarepants. So anything’s possible. But Ke$ha brings such a diverse array of suck to everything she touches, from Flo Rida hooks to Bob Dylan covers, that we are not optimistic.

As for the rest of Heady Fwends: Several tracks from it are widely available on the Interwebs, including a live version of the Neon Indian collab, “Is David Bowie Dying?”, and the Bon Iver track, “Ashes in the Air,” which is predictably the one that has the hipster blogs all atwitter. But this being Weirdest Band in the World, we must leave you with the Lightning Bolt tune, which bears the fantastic title “I’m Working at NASA on Acid” and comes with this nifty little video released last August. Bolt fans, stay with it until about the three-minute mark; things start to get interesting, trust us.

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends will only be available on Record Store Day (Saturday, April 21st) at select independent retailers. To find a participating store near you, visit the official RSD site. You also might want to call ahead, because not every store will be carrying it, and the ones that do have it might sell out in a hurry.

There’s also a really cool video on the Flaming Lips website showing how the multi-colored vinyl for Heady Fwends was pressed. As you can see, every single copy is unique. Wonder what these puppies will fetch on eBay in a few months?


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