Whoop! Whoop! Gathering of the Juggalos tickets now on sale

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(Note: This is in fact an old story. But go here for some more recent ICP news. And go here for tickets to this year’s GOTJ. You’re welcome.)

Break out the hallucinogenics and the black-and-white facepaint, motherfuckers. Tickets for the 13th annual Gathering of the Juggalos went on sale this weekend.

For those of y’all not familiar: The Gathering of the Juggalos is sort of the white trash, Midwestern answer to Burning Man, only with less hippie pretentiousness and more illegal fireworks, bad hip-hop and tit-flashing. Founded and hosted by clown-paint horrorcore rappers Insane Clown Posse, The Gathering takes place in a lawless corner of rural Illinois called Cave-in-Rock. Tickets will set you back $175 apiece, with additional fees for RV and car camping—which you will almost certainly want to do, because really, are you just gonna leave all your shit in a tent when you’re camped next to these people? They will smell the drugs stashed at the bottom of your knapsack the way a hungry grizzly smells a cooler full of hamburger patties.

The lineup for this year’s Gathering has yet to be announced, but that’s sorta beside point. The real point of the Gathering, as documented in the awesome short film “American Juggalo,” is to get fucked up with your fellow Juggalos and yell “Whoop whoop!” a lot. That being said, you can actually vote on who you’d like to see at the Gathering on the ICP website. Results of the poll guarantee absolutely nothing (i.e. you’re probably gonna wind up seeing Twiztid and Kottonmouth Kings again), but it’s fun to see who your fellow Juggalos are voting for. I’m probably not going, but I voted for Limp Bizkit, Naz (sic), Morris Day and Motley Crue anyway—the last three because they’re awesome, and Limp Bizkit just to be a dick.

This year’s Gathering of the Juggalos takes place Aug. 8-12 in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois. You can order tickets here (installment plan coming soon for all you broke-ass ninjas). Conveniently, ICP’s next album, The Mighty Death Pop, comes out just two days later on Aug. 14. Wonder if they’ll hype the shit out of it all week?


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