New tUnE-yArDs video for “My Country” makes us wish we had cooler childhoods

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So Merrill Garbus and her tUnE-yArDs project have a new music video, and just like “Bizness” before it, it’s awesome. It’s so awesome it actually kind of bummed us out a little. How come we never got to dance around in a video with beating disembodied hearts and bad-ass black warpaint when we were kids? All we did was play stickball and put pennies on the railroad tracks. Even if anyone had been around to videotape us and post it on YouTube, it would have looked colorless and sad compared to the riot of youthful energy that is the “My Country” clip.

Even if it might make you, too, feel a pang of regret for your wasted youth, we highly recommend feasting your eyes on the video below. And while you’re at it, check out the Kickstarter campaign Merrill started to support the SF Rock Project, the nonprofit music school attended by all the bad-ass kids featured in the clip. If the campaign meets its $10,000 goal, it’ll create a lending library of musical instruments for all those little future rock stars to practice on. Who knows? Maybe one of them will grow up to be the next tUnE-yArDs. Although come to think of it, the chances of the universe ever producing more than one Merrill Garbus are probably infinity to one.


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