Back by no demand whatsoever: Weird Band of the Week Polls!

Back in olden days, when TWBITW was still a smooth young pup of a blog and not the craggy old coot you see before you, what’s now the Submit a Band page was called the Submit & Vote page (in fact, that’s still the URL, because Jake and I are too lazy to change it). Each month (ish) we posted a new band up there and asked you, our beloved readers, to vote on whether you thought they were weird or not. Thanks to your tireless button-clicking, such immortal acts as Army of Gay Unicorns, Dolchnakov Brigade and Extreme Turbo Smash were inducted onto The Weird List. But Jake and I are control freaks, and we weren’t too happy with the fact that other, not-so-weird acts like Social Climbers and The Atlantas also got voted in. So at the end of 2011, we pulled the plug on polls and returned TWBITW to its original state as a benevolent content dictatorship.

But over the past couple of months, we’ve encountered a problem we never expected to have: So many of you are now submitting bands to us that are varying degrees of weird, we have a kind of insane backlog of Weird Band of the Week candidates. So we decided to bring back the poll. This time, however, in a shameless attempt to get more of you people to like us on Facebook, we decided to post the poll over there in the Kingdom of Zuckerberg. Also, Facebook polls—or “Questions,” as they’re officially known—are way easier to update than polls here on WordPress. And did I mention that Jake and I are lazy?

So head on over to Facebook and vote for your favorite of four current nominees for a future Weird Band of the Week slot: Cogs, Skull and Bones, the Radioactive Chicken Heads and Vitamin Wig C. And keep those weird band suggestions coming!


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