The Radioactive Chicken Heads

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Because you demanded it (no, really, one of you guys did), we decided to bring back polls to Weirdest Band in the World. Actually, we brought them back to our Facebook page, but close enough. And thanks to your tireless clicking, we have a new Weird Band of the Week: The Radioactive Chicken Heads. Pat yourselves on the back, people. I think you actually got this one right.

The Radioactive Chicken Heads are apparently from right here in Los Angeles (who knew?) and are a costumed punk band made up mostly of, well, radioactive chickens. They also have a lead singer who’s a carrot and a guitar player who’s a tomato. There’s an elaborate band mythology on the bio section of their website that kinda explains the whole thing, but we’ll spare you the details. Let’s just say that farmers and a giant, rampaging bunny are also involved.

Musically, the RCHs have a lot in common with other jokey punk bands like the Dead Milkmen and the Aquabats. They also sometimes seem like a children’s band, but other times not so much. Unless you’re the kind of parent who doesn’t mind explaining to the children who Ron Jeremy is. Yeah, that’s him slinging pizza in the video below.

P.S. Thanks to reader Chris Garcia for suggesting we add these guys to The Weird List.

P.P.S. Did we mention we now have polls on our Facebook page? It’s true. Go vote in the latest one, won’t you? (You’ll have to like us first, though. Don’t worry, we’re pretty low-maintenance.)



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