Thunder Up! Flaming Lips remake “Race for the Prize” as an NBA fight song

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We’re a little worried about Wayne Coyne. The man hasn’t started drinking tiger blood yet as far as we know, but lately he’s been pulling publicity-whore stunts at such a breakneck clip, we’re seriously considering changing the name of this site to Weirdest Thing Flaming Lips Did Today in the World.

So here’s the latest headline-grabbing curveball from Coyne and co., who in just the past year have 1.) released a 24-hour song encased in an actual human skull; 2.) collaborated with Ke$ha; 3.) tweeted naked photos of Erykah Badu; and 4.) pressed the actual blood of their collaborators into 10 copies of the limited-edition vinyl release Heady Fwends, which they then sold for $2,500 apiece. Compared to all that, this sound relatively tame: They’ve recorded a theme song for the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team, who as I write this are duking it out in Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Finals with the heavily favored San Antonio Spurs.

The song itself is a remake of the old Lips song “Race for the Prize,” rewritten with a schoolyard-like “Thunder up!” chant and lyrics that were apparently crowd-sourced from Twitter and include the immortal line, “Thunder came thundering,” which might be the best lyric in rock history since America’s “The heat was hot.” And wait! If the Thunder can defeat the Spurs and advance to the NBA Finals, there’s a good chance they’ll be facing…wait for it…the Miami Heat! The Heat will be Hot and the Thunder will come Thundering. It will be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Koan face-off of epic proportions.

Anyway, here’s the Lips’ basketball fight song, “Thunder Up: Racing for the Prize,” which is just so gosh-darned adorable that I can’t really imagine NBA fans embracing it. Then again, “Super Bowl Shuffle” happened. So who knows? And hey, maybe a little sunny psychedelic rock is just what Thunder fans need. After all, you probably have to be high to think they have a prayer against the Spurs. (He shoots! He scores! Sorry, OKC fans, couldn’t pass that one up.) [Update: OK, OKC fans. You were right, I was wrong. Can we still be friends?]


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