Captured! by Robots

Photo by Raymond Ahner

[Note: Since this post was originally published, Captured! by Robots has become a three-piece grindcore band, as reflected in the above photo. At JBOT’s request, we removed all old photos showing C!BR’s earlier incarnation, but the copy below is still from 2010 and still describes a version of the band that no longer exists. Got it? Good.]

You know what automatically makes just about anything cooler? Robots, that’s what. By that measure, Captured! by Robots (no relation, as far as we know, to Panic! at the Disco) is the coolest band on the planet. There’s only one human in this nine-member band, and he’s a whiny douchebag in a gimp mask with fake intestines hanging over his beer gut. Whereas the guitar player, GTRBOT666, is like eight feet tall and plays a double-neck Flying V combination guitar and bass. Because shit, why not? He’s a fucking robot. They can vacuum our carpets and assemble our automobiles. How hard can it be for them to play three-chord hesher bait?

Actually, the robots aren’t really the driving force behind Captured! by Robots. It’s that lone whiny human (but we had you going for a second there, didn’t we?). The joke perpetuated by Jay Vance, aka JBOT, is that he started building robot bandmates because he was sick of his flesh and blood ones…but then the robots rose up and enslaved him, and now they run the band. There’s a cautionary tale in there somewhere, but we’re not sure if it’s “Stick to your human band” or “Skip the robots and taking up DJing.”

Anyway, here’s a clip of C!bR’s live show, which is really the main attraction here. Musically, they’re in no danger of replacing us meat puppets. Although their “Don’t Stop Believin'” cover ain’t half bad. (By the way, high-fives to reader Aaron for suggesting these guys. Hold on to that feeling, Aaron!)



5 thoughts on “Captured! by Robots

  1. well worth seeing live btw! Its been a number of years since I saw this band, but you get your $$$’s worth for sure. I spoke to Jay after the show, and he is incredibly smart. I think he told me he was currently going to SF State, working on his PhD in Robotics, which makes sense..

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