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We’ve been doing this blog for nearly three years now, so we’ve gotten pretty jaded. When a reader writes in and describes an artist we’ve never heard of as “totally insane” and “makes you laugh and cry at the same time,” we brace ourselves for disappointment. But reader bbawck was not exaggerating about this Igorrr guy. In fact, this might be the most original music Jake and I have heard all year.

Igorrr is the solo project of a French producer named Gau­tier Serre, who is also one-half of a death metal band called Whourkr. In simplest terms, Igorrr is a fusion of breakcore, death metal and Baroque-inspired classical music. Igorrr even released an EP in 2010 called—wait for it—Baroquecore. At least he didn’t call it Baroquen Beats.

But here’s the thing: We’ve been listening to Igorrr’s stuff for the past several days and there is literally no way to categorize it. A single track might toss in a little Texas two-step, an old-timey jazz sample, some cut-up drum ‘n’ bass beats, a smidgen of trip-hop and industrial, some pretty ambient piano and an operatic baritone. It’s like Mike Patton, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin and Kerry King made an album together. Except it’s all one guy. It’s amazing.

Serre self-released two Igorrr albums in 2006 and 2008, but he really only began to get attention for this stuff in 2010, with the release of the album Nostril and the aforementioned Baroquecore EP. Since then, he’s been building a good-sized fan base around Europe and parts of the Middle East (he seems to be very popular, randomly, in Lebanon). As far as we can tell, he remains virtually unknown in the U.S., but hopefully that will change soon.

Ready for what one YouTube commenter astutely describes as the “ultimate combination of pagan folk, jazz, dance, techno, classical, hardcore and death metal”? Here you go.

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18 thoughts on “Igorrr

  1. Papinx Ruvalcaba

    Igorrr is so great, you need a great open mind to enjoy his music, Gau­tier Serre is a fucking genius.

    Greeting from Mexico! Tequila and breakcore are a great combination! jaja

  2. Simon "thefatgit" Hooper

    I got into Igorrr via YouTube in 2010. Not sure if it was a click-thru from Bong-Ra or Venetian Snares, but I’m sure glad I did. “Nostril” is insane.

  3. R. Murray

    Thats just wrong! Experimental groups like Monster Magnet introduced new forms of music along with non traditional lyrics and it worked. This band is god awful, the guitaring is less than intermediate, the drum tracks came out of a box of cereal and the sound sampling is grotesque. Heres a few weird bands for ya: Dimmu Borgir, DeathStars, Psychlon9. The music is quality, videos dont suck and their stage presence is admirable…..I’m noticing nobody is commenting on these bands you are posting….they all suck. There is more enjoyment out of repeats of RomperRoom and Mutual of Omahas Wild Kindom.

    1. Aaron Eichler

      Dimmu is good so is Phychlon9 ,, but iv moved on from those guys many years a go.. not weird enough… this site on the other hand provides many Weird bands .. some dress like carrots, some scream with vacuums on their cocks. If you don’t like don’t listen to it.

    2. autogenesis

      dimmu borgir isn’t even good, deathstars is completely over the top hot topic scene kid generic ass music, and psyclon 9 is fucking boring

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