Dolchnakov Brigade returns to public access on “The Chris Gethard Show”

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Public access cable television is probably even more socialist than PBS, so it makes sense that the most Soviet-themed band on The Weird List, Dolchnakov Brigade, has found a pretty steady gig there. This week, they’ll be making their third appearance in less than a year on The Chris Gethard Show, a public-access comedy show that broadcasts Wednesday nights at 11 p.m. in Manhattan on…well, we can’t seem to find the name of the channel on the TCGS website, but you New Yorkers are a resourceful bunch. We’re sure you can figure it out.

Apparently host Mr. Gethard—and disappointingly, that name is pronounced more like “Geth-Heard”—discovered Dolchnakov Brigade when he Googled the phrase “weirdest band in the world.” Clearly, the man has excellent taste in Google search terms.

Anyway, this week marks The Chris Gethard Show‘s one-year anniversary, so congrats to him and all his minions (the Getharders?) for weathering the dog-eat-dog world of public access TV and pushing out 50 episodes in the process. I don’t think we even managed 50 blog posts in our first year, so that Gethard guy must sleep, like, never.

Oh and if you don’t live in New York and/or don’t watch cable: The Chris Gethard Show is also archived online. Look for Episode 50 to see Dolchnakov in all their “Palevish” glory. And no, we still don’t know what “Palevish” means.


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