French turntable wizards Birdy Nam Nam release a new EP with the help of (no, really) Skrillex

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We’ve been big fans of French turntablists Birdy Nam Nam ever since we stumbled across this video of them working their wheels-of-steel magic back in 2006. We might even swallow our dislike of massive crowds and go see them when they roll through L.A. next month as part of the HARD Summer Festival. We can put up with a few thousand hipsters and dubstep-heads for the sake of seeing Birdy Nam Nam and Bootsy Collins. (Not at the same time, unfortunately—although someone should really make that collab happen.)

And speaking of dubstep: Birdy Nam Nam released a new EP last week on Skrillex’s OWSLA label, which I have to admit has me a little concerned. Are Crazy B, DJ Pone, Little Mike and DJ Need jumping on the dubstep bandwagon? Judging from the video below, the answer is a resounding “yes”…although another track, “Cadillac Dreams,” is more interesting, a sort of electro/glitch-hop take on Southern hip-hop and chopped ‘n’ screwed, complete with a sizzurp-sippin’, slowed-down vocal from French rapper Teki Latex. So they haven’t abandoned their weirdo roots entirely.

Anyway, the new EP is called Jaded Future and it’s available now on iTunes, Beatport and wherever fine French hip-hop platters are sold. Will it make these hommes the superstars they’ve longed deserved to be? But if so, at what cost? Don’t go turning into some weird dubstep/Euro-disco French House Mafia, guys, K? We already have the Swedish version of that and we don’t need another one.


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