New Otto von Schirach video “Salpica” makes us wanna wake up in a Miami gutter

¡Escuchame, weirdijos! (That means “Listen up, weirdos!” High school Spanish, baby.) Otto von Schirach has released a new video for his track “Salpica” and it’s really making up wanna hop the next flight to Miami so we can party it up with bearded trannies, chickens, guys in wheelchairs and Cuban mamis with a Bermuda Triangle’s worth of cleavage. Seriously,  Otto clearly knows how to have a good time. And save some serious coin on his gangsta grills. Why get diamond-encrusted platinum when tin foil looks just as good?

“Salpica” is from OvS’s just-released album Supermeng, which is available now from Monkeytown Records. Get that shit. It’s the most fun you can have without waking up in a Miami gutter cover in lip gloss and STDs.


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