Meet Iwrestledabearonce’s new singer, Courtney LaPlante

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Can this girl…
…replace this girl?

So apparently about two months ago, our favorite spazzy metalcore band Iwrestledabearonce got themselves a new lead singer. Who knew? Well, every other music blog on the planet, if you want to get all technical about it. We’re still getting the hang of this whole report-the-music-news thing, so “bear” with us, people. (And yes, we just made a “bear” pun. Do you forgive us now for reporting this story two months late?)

For the six of you that don’t already know this: IWABO’s original awesome singer Krysta Cameron abruptly went on hiatus from the group this summer when she decided she didn’t want to continue the Warped Tour while pregnant. On “literally a few minutes notice,” according to IWABO guitarist and abuser of the word “literally” Steven Bradley, she was replaced by Canadian singer/screamer Courtney LaPlante. LaPlante’s been on the road with the band ever since, including a current string of dates in Europe.

So what do we know about Ms. LaPlante? Well, she lives in British Columbia but, according to her Facebook page, she’s originally from Alabama. She’s in another band called Unicron who play a sort of pop/electronic/screamo mishmash that sounds like this. She plays the piano. And she’s apparently down with Die Antwoord, so we’ll forgive her for being involved with this abomination.

As for Krysta: Officially, she’s still on temporary hiatus from IWABO, and still listed as vocalist on the band’s website. Unofficially, though, her return looks increasingly doubtful. In an interview with punk/metal site Property of Zack, bassist Mike “Ricky” Martin came out and said, “I’m going to say she’s permanently gone.” (“Fingers crossed though,” drummer Mikey Montgomery quickly added—but as we all know, no one really cares what the drummer thinks.) And then there’s the fact that Unicron recently announced “a hiatus for the foreseeable future,” which sure doesn’t sound like the words of a band that expects their lead singer to come back. (Best Unicron fan response in the comments: “Krysta, you’re ruining it for everybody.”)

While she waits for the arrival of her little bundle of joy, Krysta has turned her attention to crafting. You can buy yourself a Krysta-designed barrette, pouch or tote bag via her Etsy page, OffWithHerThreads,

Meanwhile, IWABO continue their epic, global string of tour dates, all with Courtney on the mic. Early fan feedback on her performances has been mixed, but judging from the video below, which was shot at an Iwrestledabearonce show in Belgium a couple of weeks ago, she’s settling into her new gig quite nicely. She’s no Krysta—who is?—but she does a pretty mean death growl and her clean vocals have an appealingly throaty, emotional quality. On the replacement lead singer scale, we’re gonna say she’s safely somewhere between Brian Johnson and Gary Cherone.

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5 thoughts on “Meet Iwrestledabearonce’s new singer, Courtney LaPlante

  1. TommyTopHat

    Whenever you mention the word “bear” I find myself unable to think straight, losing myself in a pastel-coloured, bear-populated fantasy world. Please do this more often.

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