Help Anklepants make the Face_tar a reality

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I gotta say, I am feeling pretty damn good about myself today. I just ponied up $10 to one of the worthiest causes I know. No, not defeating Mitt Romney, although I really should give the Obama campaign ten bones just as a thank-you for the 83,792 emails they’ve sent me over the last six months. My wife writes me less.

No, I parted with my hard-earned ducats to help one of my favorite weirdos, Anklepants, build a new instrument called the Facé_tar™. And you should join me, because the man creature also known as Reecard Farché is, as of this writing, a little (okay, a lot) short of his goal of raising $1,875 for all the necessary components. So he needs a little generosity and a little help getting the word out.

The Facé_tar™ is explained, sort of, on the Indiegogo page Reecard/Anklepants creator [name redacted] has built for his fundraising campaign. I say “sort of” because, like Anklepants himself, this Facé_tar thing is a little hard to explain. Here, I’ll quote Reecard/AnkleP’s:

This hybrid Robotic instrument will be the second character (along side Reecard Farché) for the future Anklepants live show.

The body of the guitar (A large lip syncing animatronic creature /puppet made of silicone and fibreglass) with a large mouth , moving eyes and very expressive face , delivering lip synced vocal performance and a range of interaction with Reecard Farché as he carries and plays the instrument like some kind of deranged and loving ventriloquist, bag pipe player / guitarist /pied piper.

If that still doesn’t make sense, there are some concept drawings you can check out here. Still can’t wrap your head around it? Fine. Just know that [name redacted], in addition to being a pretty killer breakcore/IDM/drum ‘n’ bass musician, is an amazing designer of prosthetics and animatronics who, among other things, worked on [he doesn’t want you o know]. Oh, and his headpiece for Anklepants has an animatronic penis-nose that moves in time to the music. So your money will almost certainly be put to good use.

As with Kickstarter, it’s a little misleading to describe Indiegogo contributions as “donations.” Depending on how much you pitch in, you can get any number of Anklepants goodies in return, from a digital WAV copy of his latest album to your very own silicone cast of the full Anklepants “facéhead.” (It’s a bust, not a headpiece, so sorry—you can’t wear it to your next DJ gig. Make your own damn penis-nosed prosthetic!)

We’ll leave you with that Indiegogo link one more time and a little taste of the Anklepants live show. Just imagine this shit with the added bonus of a guitar that’s also a face!


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