Live video from Halloween of a new Tiger Lillies song: “Sailor”

Our favorite Brechtian punk cabaret trio The Tiger Lillies are currently on tour in some pretty far-flung places (they play Bucharest this week), but thanks to the miracle of the Internet, we can keep tabs on them just as easily as if they were playing down the street. On Halloween, for example, they played a gig at a recently opened venue in Moscow called Oldich Dress & Drink. Oldich is a vintage clothing shop by day and a bar with DJs and live music by night. Yes, this is in Moscow, not Brooklyn. Apparently there are Russian hipsters, too.

Some enterprising soul videotaped portions of Tiger Lillies’ Halloween set and among the things they captured was a performance of a brand-new song called “Sailor,” which the Lillies have confirmed (via Facebook) will appear on their next album, Either Or. No word yet on an Either Or release date. Early 2013, perhaps? We can only hope.

We’ve got the Tiger Lillies’ remaining far-flung tour dates (OK, Berlin isn’t that far-flung, but we’re ‘Mericans and don’t get out much) after the clip. This is a highly NSFW song, but then it’s the Tiger Lillies, so you already knew that, right?

12/11/2012 – Bar jeder Vernunft, Berlin, Germany
13/11/2012 – Bar jeder Vernunft, Berlin, Germany
15/11/2012 – Odeon Theatre , Bucharest , Romania (concert and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari production)
16/11/2012 – Kleinkunsttheater Crambolage , Bolzano, Italy
19/11/2012 – KOSMONAVT CLUB, St.Petersburg,, Russia
20/11/2012 – 16 Tons Club, Moscow, Russia
28/11/2012 – TREIBHAUS, Innsbruck, Austria
29/11/2012 – TREIBHAUS, Innsbruck, Austria
30/11/2012 – TREIBHAUS, Innsbruck, Austria
03/12/2012 – Rockhouse Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
05/12/2012 – CINEMA PARADISO, St. Pölten, Austria
06/12/2012 – CONGRESS CENTER – VILLACH, Villach, Austria
07/12/2012 – Szene Wien, Vienna, Austria
08/12/2012 – Röda, Steyr, Austria
09/12/2012 – Landestheater Linz, Linz, Austria
11/12/2012 – Tvornica Kulture, Zagreb, Croatia
12/12/2012 – Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, Ljubljana, Slovenia
13/12/2012 – Grabenhalle, St.Gallen, Switzerland
14/12/2012 – Moods, Zurich, Switzerland
15/12/2012 – Moods, Zurich, Switzerland


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