Otto Von Schirach is coming, Europe! How do you say “Meng” in German?

Not only does Otto Von Schirach sometimes dress like an old German naval commander—he even visits Germany in person occasionally. Even as I type this, our favorite Miami booty breakcore lunatic is no doubt tearing it up in Berlin at a label night for Monkeytown Records, home to his latest and funkiest LP, the unstoppable Supermeng. If you’re there, tell him “Wie geht’s?” for us. Also, why the fuck are you reading our blog at a label party? Go dance or something.

Here are Otto VS’s other remaining European tour dates—presented, in proper Euro fashion, with the date first, then the month. Mostly because we’re too lazy to change the formatting we just copied off Otto’s Facebook page.

16.11 berlin @ berghain / panorama bar (monkeytown label night)
17.11 chemnitz @ weltecho
18.11 hamburg @ golden pudel
19.11 vienna @ rhiz
21.11 linz @ quitch
22.11 graz @ forum stadtpark
23.11 maribor @ zavod udarnik
24.11 ljubljana @ ch0
25.11 vittorio veneto @ codalunga
28.11 rome @ dal verme
29.11 faenza @ clandestino
30.11 milano @ bitte club
01.12 brussels @ M4 / autumn falls festival (+alec empire)
03.12 lyon @ sonic
05.12 paris @ la mecanique ondulatoire
06.12 marseille @ l’embobineuse
07.12 lille @ tri postal
08.12 san gwann @ liquid club
14.12 den hague @ paard van troje / state-x new forms
15.12 liege @ inside out club


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