And now, as a public service, here are all eight of Your Fuzzy Friends’ $5 videos in one post


Happy New Year, weirdlings. Didja sleep off your hangover yet? Pick the pieces of broken noisemaker out of your carpet and/or teeth? Break a few resolutions already? Then let’s get this Weirdo Train rolling again, shall we?

As we close the books on 2012 and look ahead to 2013, many of our fellow bloggers and cultural pundits are trotting out the obligatory year-end lists: Best This, Worst That, Most Anticipated Yadda Yadda. Now don’t get me wrong; we love lists around here as much as the next shameless purveyor of clickbait. But in the end, we decided nothing really summed up 2012 better than Your Fuzzy Friends‘ $5 video series. For everyone except the 1%, it was a five buck kind of year.

Here then, are all eight of Your Fuzzy Friends’ $5 videos, presented by Shutter 16 magazine. (We’re honestly still not sure what Shutter 16 has to do with these things; maybe they fronted YFF the $40 to make them?)

First up: The final and most high-production-value clip of the series, “The Unicorn Song.” This is also, incidentally, the only video in which Your Fuzzy Friends themselves make an appearance. See if you can spot them.

Next up: “Gay Little Hipster.” A song that may or may not be homophobic, but is definitely hipster-phobic.

Next: the epic (by YFF standards) “Mixed Tapes and 45s.” And in case you were wondering: No, these $5 videos would not exist without creative commons animation.

They also wouldn’t exist without the website Here’s one of several clips in the series that began its life there: “Banana Hammock.” P.S. This is probably our favorite video in the whole $5 series. Where else are you gonna see breakdancing furries?

Next: A cover of DEVO‘s “Mongoloid,” accompanied by some completely random public domain black-and-white film clips about peasant dances, child abduction and how not to get groped in a movie theater.

I’m pretty sure the guy dancing in the unicorn mask in this next clip, “G.I.R.L.N.E.R.D.”, was at the Peelander-Z Halloween show we reviewed. He’s sure got the same dance moves. Then again, maybe it’s hard to dance wearing a unicorn mask and not look like a complete idiot.

Next up: “Mathletes” gets the totally-n0t-in-any-way-copyright-violating anime treatment. Don’t worry, your YouTube is working fine; this video really does have a fadeout every two seconds.

And finally, the instant-classic video that started it all: “Don’t Touch My Mustache.”

So remember, all you aspiring weird bands out there: Next time your bandmates are sitting around whining that you don’t have enough money to make a music video, Your Fuzzy Friends made eight of them, in two months, for $40. So get off your asses and start filming. Or just hit up and find some bored college student to do it for you. It’s 2013 and the sky’s the limit, people.


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