Here’s a video of Author and Punisher recording two tracks for something called “The Bush”


The doom-metal “Drone Machines” of Tristan Shone’s Author and Punisher don’t really make us think of fairytales—but apparently they had that effect on Diego Buongiorno, an Italian musician/composer who’s made the ominous sounds of A&P part of his ambitious multimedia project, The Bush. Described by Buongiorno as “a new kind of work created by the author’s desire to promote the return of magic,” The Bush features contributions from over 60 different musicians, photographers, visual artists, designers and video directors, and will eventually encompass everything from a soundtrack album to picture and audio books, a “surrealistic film,” live performances, gallery exhibitions and who knows what else. You can read more about the whole crazy thing here.

Although The Bush seems to still be a work-in-progress, Buongiorno did release its first major component this past December: a 25-track album featuring contributions from several guest artists, including our man Tristan and his experimental Drone Machines. He’s also released several short videos, including the one below showing Shone at work in his studio on his two Bush tracks, “Intro” and “It Really Could Happen.” We’re guessing the “It” in this case refers to some part of the fairytale where really, really bad shit goes down.


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