February Facebook poll: Vote for Archbishop Jason Polland, Moira Scar, Punk Bunny, Traveler, or VirginTurtleWhore

[Update: This poll has closed, but check back soon for our next weird band poll.]

It’s that magical time again, weirdlings: That time when we let you guys drive the crazy bus for awhile. Help us decide which one of these bands and artists—each weird in their own way, like beautiful snowflakes—is worthiest of being a future Weird Band of the Week.

Read the handy-dandy Weird Band Voter Guide below for a little background, then head over to our Facebook page and cast your vote. The (at least) fifth-or-sixth most exciting thing ever to happen to one of these bands hangs in the balance.

Let’s meet the candidates:

Archbishop Jason Polland


A reader named Jason told us about this prolific solo weirdo, about whom we know little beyond the fact that he’s vegan (explains the pallid complexion), appears to be based in Phoenix or thereabouts, and has been making music both solo and in various collaborative projects (including Plague Party, Mental Rental, and The Nourishment) since 1988. Here’s his website, and here’s a video of him performing his song “God Polka” which—surprise!—is not a song about the Almighty’s dance moves.

Moira Scar

Moira Scar Stud Aug. 25 by Miguel

Moira Scar introduced themselves to us recently as “3 alien/ape hybrids frenetically switching off 7 instruments with interchanging personas and possessions.” They call their sound “Monsterwave.” They’re from Oakland, a city whose weirdness we can personally vouch for. I once went on a bar crawl there where my designated (totally sober) driver was an environmental attorney wearing a kilt and fishnets. But I digress. Here’s Moira Scar’s Blogspot, and here’s the video for their song “Organ Grinder.” Dig that sax!

Punk Bunny


Punk Bunny is the electroclash project of L.A. queer-punk provocateur Gil Sandoval, aka Luigi. From his official bio: “His music is notable for its extreme sexual content, gay cultural references and incorporating unusual elements in his live performances such as drag-queens and outrageous costumes.” Here’s his website, which includes a shit-ton of videos—or XXXideos, as he likes to call them. We started with “I Wanna Fuck” and then stopped, because we’re delicate flowers.



If you think ouds and bouzoukis are weird—or if you have no idea what the fuck those things are—Traveler might just blow your mind. Here’s how they described their music to us: “We fuse traditional ethnic Arabic, East Indian, Turkish, Celtic and Greek music with hard rock/heavy metal.” They also have a “mad mad violinist,” who does indeed shred. Here’s their website, and here’s a video with lots of dramatic slow-motion footage of their live show.



Freak experimental death metal from Mexico! What’s not to love about that sentence? Here’s VirginTurtleWhore’s Facebook page, and here’s a video they sent us with lots of animals fighting and fucking. Again I say, what’s not to love?

So there you have it! Head over to Facebook and start voting, won’t you? We’ll close voting on Feb. 21st and announce a winner shortly thereafter. Good luck, you weirdos!


9 thoughts on “February Facebook poll: Vote for Archbishop Jason Polland, Moira Scar, Punk Bunny, Traveler, or VirginTurtleWhore

  1. Danny Freintes

    When it comes to Punk Bunny (lead singer ) Gilbert Sandoval aka LUIGI he treats anyone who joins his band like they don’t have a clue on what they are doing if you see this band. Then you know how he treated The Goddess Bunny at last tour when he ripped off her wig on stage and thought this was funny the Goddess is a real Actress in S.A.G. and should have been treated better, By him the way he treat disabled people he should be ran out of town. He steels music from other artist puts his words to their music. He need to go back were he came from. He is getting to old to show his body on stage many of us are getting bored by the same show stunts every year. why pay for this garbage

    1. carlos mendez

      Obviously “The Goddess Dummy” had someone write this for him. He’s had a crush on him for many years and is just bitter that he couldn’t have him. Seriously, that piece of shit needs to move on and leave him alone. That creature needs to go lip-sync back to Inglewood. I know Gilbert and he’s a very nice person and has always helped others, but people are very ungrateful and I think he’s done working with them. Especially that lost case.

    2. carlos mendez

      Oh and when Goddess Bunny was living at a shelter (yes, he was homeless!!!), who took him out of there? Not his family or “friends”, but GILBERT!!! Yes, cause he has a big fucking heart!!! And this is the thanks he gets!! That cunt talks shit about EVERYBODY! That’s why nobody helps him!!

  2. Uh, calling Moira Scar “weird” is an indignity. They ain’t some panty cakes playtime in mom’s makeup drawer. This is alien archaeology lights-out Grave-wave with a quick stealth whipped cream dollop on your last gasping ass rasp! Creamy death filling, baby. Where do I vote for that?

  3. TommyTopHat

    VirginTurtleWhore really have an unfair advantage over the other bands. I keep on wanting to vote for them just because I like their name.
    Archbishop Jason Polland is groovy. Looks like the dude from Dark Shadows. 😛
    Also, Moira Scar seem amazing. I may just vote for them…or mayhaps Punk Bunny?

    This is way too hard, they’re all groovy. :/

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