Chimney Crow has the creepiest basement this side of Buffalo Bill


More news recently arrived from Electric Phantom Productions, the home of two of our favorite weirdos, Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin and Chimney Crow. Seems Chimney Crow has just released the first video from their debut album, Chimney Crow Is a Band. And while I’m not gonna go so far as to accuse Chimney Crow mastermind Paul Isgone of being a serial killer, I am gonna say that there is no way I’m ever gonna follow this dude into his basement.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

So: Are you capable of understanding? And if so…can you explain it to us?

We’ll share more details on Chimney Crow Is a Band as soon as we get them. So far, to the best of our knowledge, the album is not yet available. But we’re sure it’ll be seeping up from the depths of Paul Isgone’s basement any day now.


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  1. El estiko y diseño de eel portal representa algo extrsmadamente
    bueno. ¿Seria Posible darme a conocer pocos consejos de
    estilo? En Parte Debido.

  2. They’re dolls that were abducted by aliens. I think.

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