Winny Puhh


You blew it, Estonia. You could’ve given that stupid fucking Eurovision contest its greatest moment since the year monster-rockers Lordi won it for Finland. But no. Instead of sending Winny Puhh, you had throw your nation’s hopes and dreams for pop music domination behind this steaming pile of sentimental horseshit from some chick named Birgit Õigemeel. Why, Estonia, why? You had your chance…and you bleeeewww it!

See, in order to decide who they’re gonna send to Eurovision, Estonia hosts a little music competition of its own called Eesti Laul. Most years it’s basically just Eurovision Lite, with lots of schmaltzy pop singers and cheeseball Eurodisco acts strutting their tired-ass stuff. But this year, Estonia’s most popular…only?…costumed punk/metal band Winny Puhh decided to enter the contest and…well, just watch:

I mean, c’mon. Tell me this insanity wouldn’t have kicked ass at Eurovision. It’s already kicking ass on YouTube…956,000 page views and counting. Think Birgit’s Eesti Laul performance, posted on YouTube the same day, has racked up that many hits? Not even close, brother. Again, I say: Estonia, you totally blew it.

Before this past month, pretty much no one outside the Baltic states had ever even heard of Winny Puhh. But they’ve been weirding it up since long before they decided to suspend their drummers from the ceiling and cover their lead singer in Teen Wolf fur. Somehow, everyone west of Warsaw missed this when it came out:

And we were all really fucking asleep at the keyboard to have missed this shit, from 2009:

But hey, better late than never, right? So we salute you, Winny Puhh! And we hope your brush with Eurovision superstardom gets you across the Atlantic soon. Sooner than that human Ambien tablet Birgit Õigemeel, at least.

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21 thoughts on “Winny Puhh

  1. Jimmy Miller

    Winny Puhh’s new album “Kes Kusib?” is a masterpiece of weirdness. Makes their previous albums sound downright normal. Pure genius, gentlemen!

  2. MindBottling

    I tried google translator for the lyrics but it came out kinda wrong… tho funny. But originally it is even better! Main chorus is kinda like… fags were doing squats on a mirror floor, not wearing any pants.
    And the thing with the Eesti Laul competiton… they were voted frist place by people at homes watching the competition… but the jury (if remember correctly) had the last vote.

  3. fan

    By the way, Finland has used their chance years ago with a punk band at Eurovision and they made it good, getting the last position (and I hope it really was their aim). Estonia in its song contest uses judges and also cellphone voting and the positions are summed. Judges put the Winny Puhh on second place if I remember correctly. But the public of course is the most unprofessional judge always and I hate it.

  4. Stewart Shape

    nice one guys cant believe the mistake finland amde not sending the monsters into the euro song pool, and sent that crap boring shitty emotional crap in

    Regards Stewart Shape Buzzard Films


    1. Niggur Biggur

      You clearly misunderstood everything, it was Estonia not giving ’em a change for Eurovision, Finland did send Lordi to Eurovision in 2009. :l

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