You know what’s even crazier than Winny Puhh? This video made by a Winny Puhh fan.

Winny Puhh

By now I assume y’all are familiar with Winny Puhh, our current #1 Weirdest Band in the World and the pride of Estonia. If you’re not familiar, for the love of all that’s holy go watch the video of their failed bid to represent Estonia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We’ll wait.

Did you make it back in one piece? Barely? OK, good. Because I’m about to take what’s left of your senses and assault them even harder with this video for the song “Peetus.”

At first, when someone named Promote Your Product left this clip on our Facebook page, we assumed it was just the work of some  jackass spammer, on account them being named Promote Your Product and all. Then, because it was really good, we assumed it was some new official Winny Puhh video. Then we did a little more digging, and now we’re assuming it was just put together by this guy using found footage.

Ultimately we have no idea what the full story is behind the video, because the clip’s creator, Kirill “agale” Pozharsky, writes everything on his YouTube channel in Russian. But who cares? The video is amazing and really captures the spirit of Winny Puhh. Especially towards the end when everything gets super stabby. (Warning: NSFW. Not like Cattle Decapitation NSFW, but close.)

In other Winny Puhh news: There’s now a Facebook campaign to make them Estonia’s 2014 representative at Eurovision. Go like that shit!


One thought on “You know what’s even crazier than Winny Puhh? This video made by a Winny Puhh fan.

  1. Stewart Shape

    nice one andy nice one jake, keep up the superb quality of w e i r d n e s s , made my morning, watched winny jyst after i got up, much more relaxing than my alarm clock     Regards   Stewart Shape Buzzard Films  


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