Wanna sing on the next Van Canto album? Better get your ass to Germany, then.


Back in college, I lived on the same floor with a guy who would crank the music from his dorm room crazy loud so he could sing along to it in the shower down the hall. He tended to alternate between…and I couldn’t make this up if I tried, people…Guns ‘N Roses’ Use Your Illusion and the soundtrack to Grease. I really wish I had kept in touch with that guy, who I think was named Dave, because he would be all over this German a cappella metal band Van Canto like Axl Rose on a Cheesecake Factory. Also, because I never got a chance to punch him in the face for making me listen to Grease every fucking morning for half a semester.

Assuming middle-aged Dave still sings “November Rain” in the shower as lustily as college-aged Dave, he’d probably be packing his bags for Germany this July. That’s because on July 14th, Van Canto will be recording a “Van Cantian Choir” for their next album, and they want their fans to participate. “You don’t have to be talented in singing,” says the announcement in the news section of their website, “you only have to be many people and you have to be loud!” Many people and loud, huh? Maybe they should recruit these guys.

This will all go down in a town called Dortmund, which is also home to a big-ass free music festival called Bochum Total which happens at the same time. So come for the Van Canto sing-along, stay to party with a bunch of sweaty Germans. You’ll need an extra-long shower afterwards and you can sing your ass off the whole time.

The Van Cantian Choir will appear on Van Canto’s fifth album, which the band is hard at work on as we speak, with a tentative release date season of “next winter.” Recently they just posted on Facebook that they’ve finished recording all the drum tracks and are preparing to lay down some of those sweet metal vocal harmonies next. We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Oh, we almost forgot to tell you how you can sing with Van Canto, didn’t we? Apparently, you can just send an email to choir@vancanto.de. Disclaimer: They first announced this about a month ago, so it’s possible that all the singing spots are already taken. But hey, give it a shot. The worst they can say is, “Nein, danke.”


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