June Weird Band Poll: Vote for The Electric Grandmother, Pan, Residude X, Travelled Meat or The Wiggins

Poll time again, kids. Ready to exercise those voting buttons? I know mine is quivering in anticipation so hard I can barely type.

Let’s meet this month’s bands, shall we? A more motley bunch was never before assembled, here or on that other weird band blog you read. But they’re all awesome in their own special way. Like really jacked-up snowflakes.

[Sorry, folks, the poll has now closed. Check back here Wednesday, when the winner will be revealed.]

Read on to learn more about this month’s bands:

The Electric Grandmother


Started in Hawaii and now based in Washington, DC, The Electric Grandmother is a husband/wife duo named Pete and Mary Alice. They call their music, which is based entirely on TV shows and movies from the ’80s, “Sitcom-Core.” (Turns out you really can stick “core” on the end of anything and invent a new genre of music.) Here’s their website, and here’s a link to one of their videos, “Virtual Reality Helmet.”



Pan is either from Detroit or Los Angeles or possibly both. One of their members, John, wrote to us and described Pan as a “musique-concrete folk duo” and gave us a link to their Bandcamp page, saying, “This is our ‘music.'” Anytime someone feels the need to put “music” in quotation marks when referring their own stuff, that’s usually a good sign.

Residude X


This mysterious figure posted a few YouTube links on our Submit a Band page, with the comment, “Here are a couple of tunes you folks might find interesting.” We did. Here’s his Blogspot, too. And that’s literally all we know about him. Well, that and that he has at least one rabid fan who wrote in several times this past week, asking when the new poll would be live. Sorry to keep you waiting, Charlotte!

Travelled Meat


The trio of Super Anchovy, Chop Suey and The Shits, collectively known as Travelled Meat, hail from Tamworth, Australia and make music that might best be described as “electro-darkwave-noise-pop about animal proteins and poor sanitation.” Here’s their latest EP, Too Much Good Slop, on Bandcamp, and here they are on ReverbNation, where you can listen to other toe-tappers like “The grey meat is all gone.”

The Wiggins


The Wiggins is Jon Read, a one-man noise-rock wrecking crew from Houston, Texas. Here’s how he describes his stuff: “Fucked-up white noise surf-rock and rusty nail salt-in-the-wound folk ballads. All delivered with the pill-drunk unsteadiness of Gene Vincent after the crash.” Here’s his Bandcamp, and here’s a video for his song “Golden Age.”

Voting will end at midnight on Sunday, June 16th, with the winner announced the following Wednesday. So vote early and often, and may the weirdest band win!


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