Wait, did Winny Puhh really just play a fashion runway show in Paris? Yes, yes they did.

Winny Puhh Rick Owens runway show

From our We Couldn’t Make This Shit Up If We Tried Department: This past week, hirsute Estonian punkers Winny Puhh recreated their amazing Eurovision tryout performance at a fashion show in Paris. While models walked the runway in designer Rick Owens’s “edgy” 2014 collection, the Eurovision rejects shrieked, played drums strapped to a spinning platform on the back wall, and hung upside down while playing electric guitars and that one traditional Estonian instrument that looks like a bouzouki on steroids. We haven’t heard an official count on how many heads exploded during the performance, but we’re assuming the toll was high.

As a result of this truly magnificent stunt, Winny Puhh have been the number-one topic among fashion reporters and bloggers for the past five days. Most of them actually seemed to appreciate the performance, although some poor dude at GQ sounds like he might have been scarred for life but what he calls the Estonian “werewolf metal band.” “What these furry rockers were doing at the Rick Owens show is beyond me,” he groaned. Here’s what’s beyond me, dude: Why the fuck anyone would pay thousands of dollars to look like a roadie at a metal/industrial festival. Seriously, the dude in the foreground of that photo up there looks like he just threw together some old shit from the back of Trent Reznor’s gym closet.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like when the reigning Weirdest Band in the World (number one on our Weird 100 for three months and counting) works it on the catwalk. Enjoy.


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