Watch a live video of the Tiger Lillies performing “Teardrops” from “Either/Or”

Photo by Atelieri O.Haapala

Photo by Atelieri O.Haapala

Our favorite Brechtian punk cabaret trio, The Tiger Lillies, have been playing a bunch of dates in Europe and Asia this year, promoting their latest album Either/Or as well as their musical adaptation of Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The video below is from a show they performed in Greece back in April, and we only have one thing to say about it: Come play Los Angeles, guys! We promise to post a rapturous review of the performance that never once calls Martyn “chubby.”

Sadly, we Americans will have to content ourselves with the U.S. premiere of Ancient Mariner in New York City on July 18th. And with obsessively watching this performance of “Teardrops,” a mournful piano ballad off Either/Or, over and over and over again. More bands really need to incorporate the musical saw.


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